Thom Yorke Scoring "Suspiria" Remake


Probably shouldn’t be remaking the film tbf.




Now then… this is just lovely.


Yep, Id echo the uses of “lovely” above.


I’ll post my slight annoyance here, that I’ll prefer my horror films less than two hours long. Two and a half hours is too long.

I haven’t heard any of the links of Yorke’s tracks. I’m pretty certain that I prefer Best Or Radiohead.

Being serious for a short while, I’m hugely looking forward to the remake. The soundtrack on the original film at first really pissed me off, I thought the levels were way too loud. After a few watches of the film (maybe three); it all clicked.


Looking forward to the film (and soundtrack).

  • Best (George)
  • Radiohead

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new track is really rather good


indie points are getting wracked up in this thread.


I’m outraged that they’re remaking the film, and that they have the lead singer of pop group Radiohead doing the soundtrack. I only like Italian prog bands.


Psychedelic Yorke. So hyped to hear the full soundtrack



Still angry about this


if you mean the film being remade, frankly it could be dreadful for all I care if we get a great soundtrack album out of it


I’m angry about the soundtrack


would you go so far as to say you’re furious about it or merely angry?


Incandescent with rage


Apparently there’s one track on the soundtrack, which clocks in at over 14 minutes. Pretty exciting, right?


Unless it’s goblin, no


do you think you’d be even more inraged had he in anyway referenced Goblin in the soundtrack, or does it make it worse that it’s completely seperate set of music?