Thor has a day and this is it

Predictably after my fancy dinner last night i ended up inhaling some texas bbq walkers max last night, in bed.

My wife is a very lucky woman. Not sure what time breakfast starts and finishes in the hotel.

Had probably one pint too many but wanted to see out the oran mor pub quiz. Came 8th out of, i dunno, 25 teamsish but there were definitely people in there googling.

What about you? How are you feeling this morning?


Just got on the train to work. Just noticed my jeans need a wash, and my flies were undone when I sat down!

Kill. Me. Now.

Though actually, I’m feeling alright! Woke up half an hour before my alarm, contemplated cycling to work (Pros: faster, more direct, exercise as well. Cons: the rest of it), but instead found out I can get quite a cheap train ticket about 45 minutes before it leaves, so that’s saved me £2. Nice.

zero motivation stapler GIF by FilmStruck

On a train to Birmingham on a rainy Thursday for a “meet and greet” on a six month work contract.

Somebody please tell me something nice about living and working in Birmingham that will make it easier to swap it for Brazil for the next 50% of a year.

Got a another day long meeting at a council today. That’ll be fun. 2 days left until a week off. Cmon

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Classic Thor.

Birds in Row tonight :metal:
Beers with some disers :ok_hand:
Day off and dis meat tomorrow :+1:


The train has broken down roughly 200 metres from Piccadilly station.

Great times.

Bit around the custard factory is a vibe and away from the bullring it’s a decent vibe

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Good morning everyone :wave:

Holiday is now over, which is a bit rubbish. I wish we could’ve had a full week, but it just didn’t work out like that. Work in half an hour, and I have a sinking feeling that I’ve missed password reset deadlines and will have to do some sheepish apologising and asking to be let back in. Embarrassing!

Hope u all have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Felt like a loooooonnnnngggg arse week this

Just bought a bobble hat


I’ve heard of both those things, so that’s a start.

Managed to finish work, shower, and pack and only be late by one tram - not bad, not bad😎

(All the bigger work I ignored can be a problem for NOVEMBER JP. The sucker)

Hope to take off before the storm hits, it’s really hella grey and apocalyptic :airplane: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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Day started with arguing with a bus driver so sure that’s not a bad omen for things to come at all.

First office day for 2 months. cba.

Greatest city in the world, baybee.

I’ll just let Kojak do the talking

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Nice, I’m just a few months short of being able to enter that over 40s disco dance competition.


Fucking snowing today innit

Got in very late from seeing Madonna, and had to be up early to get to a site meeting in Hampshire, so I am super, super tired and have decided to sack off hockey training tonight.

I need to sleep.

me waiting for the morning meeting to start


there is a Birmingham thread in the tourism section btw


Morning DiS

Grey and rainy here in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Plans for today I wish were more minimal than they are but still. Rhythm Time at 10.45am then round my in laws for lunch, then off to Lidl to get more supplies for our housewarming party this Saturday. Then home. Try to nip post office at some point too.

I’ve got a cold looming I think too, woke up a bit congested and got a scratchy throat. Boo. :persevere: