Thoroughly Thursday

Making some porridge

Contemplating a walk

What’s on??

Picking this one. SORRY @manches


Yo slicks. Was up working late so got a massive case of the cbas. Cba

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Need to go to the hardware store and buy a mop in my lunch break as about 80% of the strings fell off the old one when I was mopping the floors the other day.

Play football
Watch football

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Wee yin has been on special formula with suspected milk allergy for a few weeks now. We’ve to slowly transition her back to normal formula to see what happens… I can tell you what happens, she screams the house down for half an hour after a feed. Hard going.

Might visit a couch shop later. Also possibly another visit to the tip.

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Liked for the tip. Hope you get there!

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New job is great!

Folk have been emailing to say hi!

New laptop is fast and light!

Slept really well!

Have run out of coffee.


Big fan of this post!

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yaaassss sheeldz :grinning: :+1:
well apart from the coffee part


Feeling rough. Still in bed.

Need to pop to Sainsbo’s and the pet shop.

Need to take the dog for a perambulation.

Haven’t been out on the bike all week, but just not feeling it this week.

got a couple of days of freedom left before i start new job. feel like i should do something but i’ll probably just stare into space. do need to go to the post office actually.

currently drinking: coffee.

morning all :wave:

literally nothing but meetings today, save for an hour this afternoon where I guess I need to do all my work? then after work there’s a three hour work social zoom call thing scheduled. might have to give that a miss as I’d like to go in theory but also fuck that.

might go for a walk after work part 1 finishes, not sure where but I think my legs/brain could do with a stroll for a bit, even if it is probably super cold outside still. plus it’s not far off being the weekend again I guess???

:partying_face: It’s my Friday
:heart_eyes: I’m seeing family tomorrow for the first time in 6 months
:beer: Posh beer shop on my street opened on Monday

10/10 morning really, might have a coffee to celebrate


Three hours?? The thought of it :frowning:


Just asked for a week off at the end of the month, feeling very burnt out atm. Which is terrible timing because I have a big presentation with the boss tomorrow!

I don’t know if it’s the pando or if it’s that we had a little taste of nice weather last week or if it’s not seeing people yet or what but feeling very cba. Very just get up, work, wait for bed, sleep, work, etc.


It is cold and I am spending a day off reading, playing videogames, and eating party rings. Might watch Titanic later.

Sorry @manches

Update: I’ve answered some work email and I’m now back to Inbox Almost Zero. I’ve listened to Spectrum by Billy Cobham (which contains the song ‘Stratus’ sampled by Massive Attack in ‘Safe From Harm’) and I’m now listening to the Malibu Ken album.


had two hot cross buns for breakfast about 3 hours ago and now i’m hungry again

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