Thoroughly Thursday

Two pigeons have gotten on the tram I’m on.

It’s turned into a horror remake of dog in the playground.

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working’s shite eh


do you have a newsletter i can subscribe to


Saw an eagle at a closer range than usual earlier today, think the crazy weather made it fly out of its path

Years ago I was at a business event at the Lancashire cricket ground, and an insurance, that had taken the pitch in the entrance way, had an Eagle sat on a guys wrist as a gimmick to attract attention.

It was massive and there’s no way the handler could have stopped it in time if it had gone for someone. Gave it the widest berth possible.

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have just decided that i’m going to take tomorrow off :+1:


Gonna go buy pies and ice cream.

Did exactly that earlier, but thankfully realised as I was at the till paying, so I could just go around again

edit - bet it was the same sainsbos too

I always hated soy milk. Bearable on cereal but not for anything else. All the other milk alternatives I’ve tried have been at least OK taste-wise*, although I’m surprised by the popularity of almond milk given how unpleasantly gritty the texture of some brands is.

*Never tried coconut-based ones, not going to.

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i wonder if i’ll be saying the same about oat milk in a couple years when the next new kid on the block turns up :thinking:

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My money’s on carrot

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I’m Lewes Road 4 lyf (it’s closer)

Ah, it wasn’t the same one then. They’re pretty much equidistant for me

I reckon not. I reckon oat is objectively less unpleasant than soy.

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I occasionally go there if it’s on the way but I prefer a familiar supermarket. The Lewes road re stack a couple of years ago was a challenging time for me. I’ve still not fully adjusted to the meat now being before the ready meals

London Road did a massive changearound just at the time the corona advice was not to spend any longer than you have to in shops - smart move Sainsburys!

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Have just started drinking unsweetened soya milk (and then sweeten it up a bit with some non sugar sugar). Really like it for a milk based coffee, not had with anything else. Tastes kind of custardy. It will probably be one of those things where I happily drink it for months and then one day suddenly decide “this is disgusting?!”

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alright, blink-182

It’ll probably turn out that oats are racist or something

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cashew’s pretty good

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