Thoroughly Thursday

Morning chickadees

Off to air hop, then kids want some horrible fast food lunch, afternoon walk involving a pub and yoga this evening.

How about you??


I’ve woken up and don’t seem to be able to get to work due to the train strikes. Guess I’m stay home again :woman_shrugging:

Been up since 5 :confused:. Kids are already whacked. Morning in Ilfracombe before lunch then a trip to a steam railway.

Alright? Off to work again then I suppose.

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Just had some scrambo eggingtons with toastywoasty.

Packing shortly for Paris. Need to pop to le shopz


Need to hoover up… that’s as exciting as my day gets :expressionless:

Morning all!

We’ve got a very busy day planned today but activities don’t start until 11 so we’re currently chilling to Ceebeebies.

We’re doing an activity session at school this morning, getting a bus into town (The Child hasn’t been on a bus since she was a baby - I think she’s most excited about this), singalong showing of Encanto, Merchant City Festival parade, eventually followed by food in town.

My knees hurt a bit from football. I think I need new boots.


The first following the second was quite funny for me.


Or new knees

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Mutes Tilty


Singing the thread to Suddenly Seymour

Admin day, and getting myself ready and packed for a lovely weekend that I’ve been counting down to for 8 weeks. Can’t wait :partying_face:


going to see how bricks are made


Can’t be arsed. Want to go back to sleep. Have been hitting snooze for an hour.

Alright Slicky, DiS,

Bit grey and cloudy here. Still, not complaining cause its a comfortable temperature.

Bit of a rocky night sleep (though not as bad as I expected) with F having her 2nd jabs yesterday. She just needed extra cuddles.

It’s mine and Mr s_w’s wedding anniversary today, 10th infact. Either going out for an early dinner or will get a nice takeaway for tea.



Need to go and get a couple more bags of slate and chuck em down to finish the job we started yesterday.

Not got much on after that. Take the dog out at some point, I suppose.

We might make use of having a local train station this evening and go out for food and drinkies

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I don’t think they’re too far in the future to be honest…


Today’s my Friday, and then I’m off work until the middle of August. Hooray! Today will mainly be spent declining any meetings I have in my diary in the next two weeks. And going to the Basketmakers at lunchtime like I would if it was actually Friday


Was genuinely wondering whether steam railways would operate during train strikes

Alright, thought it was my day off today, but nope, that’s tomorrow. Urgh. Got an article to write and I cba.

Probably have record levels of staffing as a lot of them work on the real railway in their spare time.

Might go and picket outside the Severn Valley Railway on Saturday