Thor's day thread

I’m really tired! But I’m getting the train to Copenhagen which will be PRETTY NICE. Going to eat mega pizza tonight OH YES.

How are you? What you up to? Are you getting excited for the weekend?

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Morning ssf!

Woke up before 6 again. Every day this week - not too tired as a result so maybe it’s fine.

Working today. Working tomorrow. Best man at my mate’s wedding on Sunday, so I am looking foward to that.

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First real interview for a real proper job, not ready at all. Have a tendency to speak way too fast so going to try to slowwww it right down.

Morning all, my mate’s in town for a conference so I’m taking her to the cat cafe for lunch. Probably not gonna do much else today tbh.

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Sounds good ssf, what’re you doing in Copenhagen? Man I wish I was back there.

Might try and get my hair did tonight at CR7 barbers, it is an absolute mess. Always walk in there with a huge mop on my head and think all the other punters look like they don’t even need a haircut.

Morning J_I! My TV is doing a course there so I thought I’d hop down and make the most of an Airbnb that her work are paying for. & it’s only a few hours on the train. I’ll actually be working during the day which is a bit boring, but then the football’s on and it’s CPH jazz festival so the evenings will be pretty fun.

Are you going to get a CR7 haircut too?

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That all sounds absolutely lovely chief! Gonna have a look at this jazz fest.

Ha certainly not, I’m assuming they might’ve taken his picture out of the window after crashing out.

hey ssf

feeling good today, went out for a bike ride last night which was lovely, then went for pints after. seeing my friend who works at the bfi after work today, we’re going to see arcadia. friday = watching footers, saturday = trying to watch the footers while someone lays the laminate in our lounge. no idea how that’s gonna work :upside_down_face:


happy Theo’s day everybody!


at work they give out food samples to take home and taste test… you’ve got to fill in a survey after etc.
Today I’m taking home PIZZA :smiley:

Irresistible Butternut Squash and Scamorza flavour :smiley:

today is a good day

edit: also, donating blood at lunch time, cos Im a hero :syringe:


Number of times I fell through the bed last night = 0

Off to Falmouth today, hopefully. Long old drive. Could pop in a see old uncle Rick in Padstow on the way through and look at his collection of tortilla cosies


Team Sky blood drive?


big week ahead for them innit. and with the world cup on…

I’ve made you a thread to collect inspiration for your new non-CR7 barney.

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Your dedication to the cause is noted

Not feeling 100% switched on this morning. Just went to pour myself a glass of fruit juice and make myself a coffee - looked down and this is what I had achieved:




Wfh - hoping for a quiet day.

Drinks later

morning … aggs and epimer


it was incredibly warm last night, so very warm, i just rolled my duvet up into a massive pillow and slept in my birthday suit. boom. straight into the top ten sleeps OF ALL OAT.

today is as least 10° colder, wet and depressingly dull. i attribute this entirely to my purchasing of sun protection cream yesterday evening.

also i’m wearing a fleece today (fao @1101010)

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I no longer own a fleece since @marckee pointed out they are environmentally awful.

It sounds like you are all getting some weather relief at least. Still big coat weather down here.