Thors Day Throd 🥸

Freezing and cba at all

Washing machine just died, so that’s good.



Just taken the dog for a quick spin around the block. ‘Feels like - 9’, indeed.

Today I are be mostly learning about how to go on the railway without ending up brown bread.

One for @kermitwormit and fellow dressing gown lovers


Morning kids

Hovering around freezing today in Brighton. Jimbo’s micro-snowman is still standing.

I got woken early by the recycling van coming around and collecting the glass bins before 7am, which was a DELIGHT, let me tell you.

Might dye my hair later.

Pissing rain AND cold here. Perfect Irish Spring weather.



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Looks quite nice out tbh. Don’t plan on stepping foot outside, mind.

Very glad I managed to invest in a good couple of wool (or at least wool blend) layers last year, didn’t feel at all cold outside other than my eyes. Thanks sheep!

Just hung out a full load of dripping wet washing on one of the coldest days of winter, so that’s good

Absolute state of this

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Absolutely love this weather. Clear skies, sun, cold enough to wear cosy jumpers and go on ong walks without getting too hot, amazing light for taking photos, birds tweeting. Have always had myself down as a summer person but I’d happily take this weather everyday instead.


Apparently you can get a new washing machine delivered and installed, and the old one taken away and recycled, in less than 24 hours from the old one shitting itself. What a time to be alive!


What’s pink and wrinkly and hangs out Epimer’s underpants…?


No authoritory

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Got a new mattress delivered yesterday and had the best sleep I’ve had in ages, it’s one of the Premier Inn ones that they sell at wholesale price and my back already feels better after ditching the shitty slab of foam that came with my IKEA bed :blush:


I’m still in bed, can’t even extricate myself for breakfast


Had my first coffee in weeks this morning and I’ve obviously made it too strong because I feel like a hummingbird. Maybe I should stick to tea.

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Got some cycling to watch. Day off so might play some TIME Stories too.

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