Thors Day Throd 🥸

I’ve thought of getting one of these, I always sleep well on their beds

We just got the mattress and are using it with a slatted bed frame but I imagine if you buy the whole bed it’s a good deal, I just have an unreasonable dislike of divan beds


I’ve got them. Can confirm theyre great

Yep, can’t believe I’d been wrecking my back unnecessarily for so long with my old one

couldn’t fall asleep for some reason. didn’t have any food in either so made some scones

waiting for the filth thread cause i discovered a new thing that people do

Start it with a poll about said thing

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Too cold for naked ears and hands tho. On the walk into work my hands were still too cold even with my gloves on!

I think this is a really common thing - you spend ages assuming your joints and back ache because of other reasons like age and then you get a new mattress and suddenly all of the aching stops.

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Same, can’t stand them and have no rational reasoning why.

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I slept on a divan when I was a kid and my mum was really particular about making sure the skirt that goes over the bed base was neat

Why does a bed need a skirt??


It doesn’t even have legs!!!



Divans can have legs

Included Hypnos mattress depth shot for @laelfy

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Assumed I’d be wfh today since today is my usual working from wfh day, but apparently not


So happy with my beautiful necklace made by @avocado she very kindly sent me this one for free! :heart:

You can find more pretty things here!


Gonna get some cloud earrings…

  • Studs
  • Danglies

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We bought a new bed recently and I refused to buy a divan. Fuck that, I hate them.


have no idea what the square is in the title

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