Thor's Day


Morning, bonjour and g’day.

Nearly the wochenende at long long last.

Many happy returns to @colinzealuk today, he was born on this day some years ago. I remember being his age three years ago, without question the worst year of my life. Hopefully not an omen!

Anywaffle aside, use this thread as you wish.

Have a bien day!


Morning @he_2. Early 5am start today and an hour’s commute, so I’m already pretty tired. Probably here until about 3ish, then I’ll either head out on the bike or sleep I reckon.


Day full of bullshit meetings followed by a team dinner I really want to go to, not least because there was only one (1) lactose free option for the first two courses and I don’t like either of them, and NO DESSERTS I can eat.

Honestly, what’s the point.


Up at 6.45 to be in work for 8 :sleeping: need more coffee.



:ocean: :honeybee: :a: today, tbqfhumble.


Up early to get to the studio. Gonna be recording our #summer #banger far too late to release in the summer…


Gotta go to Halfords. Wish me luck. I’ll probably limp out with a windscreen wiper bolted to my eyebrows (upside down).


Hello @he_2, and happy birthday @colinzealuk!!

I am tired.


TV woke up feeling ill so is having the day off, which is a bit inconvenient for both of us really. Arguably more so for her, but it’s gonna make it harder for me to be productive.


fuck it


#happy birthday, @colinzealuk !!!


I’ve got a really bad headache and feel sick with it too. I’ve told work I’ll be in late when it clears as there’s no way I can drive with this.

I feel absolutely wrecked.


Thanks @he_2, @1101010 and @stupidsexyflanders.

Trying to decide whether to go to Thorpe Park or do something else today.Can’t really think of a decent alternative, but not sure I’m feeling a theme park right now.

Apparently DiS gave me a cake beside my name - that’s a nice touch.


10 degrees and raining. Winter III is here, everyone


Morning lovely bunch.

Got hayfever in my eyes and a load of shit work to do, but I’m looking forward to my trip on the weekend which will hopefully bring me through.

Down to the last 10 albums on my list.


happy birthday @colinzealuk! hope it’s a good day :slight_smile:

it’s cold and raining a bit and i’m very tired. i think i’ll mostly spend today trying to psych myself up to ride my bike later


Actually, I’m down to the last 8. It’s…uninspiring.

Happy Birthday @colinzealuk. Anyone named after a Blur track deserves a humdinger.


And a very good mornin to you all,

wet day up here, i’ve got a few meetings.

happy b’day @colinzealuk have a splendid daqy




I would pay five hundred of your English pounds to be able to stay in bed all day instead of having to endure my actual day today.