Thor's doy


Today is going to be terrible at work, but I’ll survive. Playing football later. What are you up to today?


Probably last day of jury service.

Terrible nights sleep, 3 hours max :frowning:

Off to a friend’s for food/booze later :relieved:


oooh. lets hope the decision you have to come to is a simple one.

imagine being so tired and braindead and having to make a decision which could potentially alter someones life for good. fuuuck


morning cha(u)mps

not much on today. fucking dead tired, I know that much. 5 hr broken sleep last night. had some terrible anxiety dreams, including playing football with Dani Alves and him not rating me as a footballer. the cunt

have some ebay posting to be done. gonna hit pound shop for toiletries etc. might have mushrooms on toast for lunch

have a great day all



Nothing to report.



Report writing all day yesterday. Report writing all day today once I can be arsed to get out if bed. Not my favourite thing at all. Out for dinner tonight at least.


Fed up. Had a few weeks off following a knee op. Went back into work yesterday, and I dunno if I twisted it or something, or it was just having to have it bent for long periods, but the thing just ballooned up. Now signed off until the end of next week. Well. Fucking. Bored.

Hotelier tour in January though :heart_eyes_cat:


4 hour train journey back from Dorset. Yes.


Where abouts in Dorset were you?


Got my exit interview this afternoon for my current job. Unsure how much to say about the problems and issues in the company I’ve experienced (there’s a lot) as it’s with the HR Manager, who works in the same office that’s been causing most of the grief over the last 12 months or so.


Morning all. WFH today. Got a hell of a fright when the window cleaner came to the window a minute ago, though. (And no, I was fully dressed)


Work, home, tidy, dinner, Friday Night Lights, read, sleep.

Booked a lil cycling holiday to Majorca last night to offset the shitstorm that’s going down at work. I am very excited.


@zxcvbnm I had a DREAM that umlaut, ohgod and royter came over to the new dis. They all changed their names though: ohgood was ‘ohgoid’ and royter had chosen a particularly edgy name that sadly I can’t remember (but had a ‘spare’ in reserve in case he got banned).

I think this might be the lowest point of my life to date.


chickenbones :heart_eyes:


Off to a new barbers today for a mop chop. Mildly anxious about it being shit. Would like to eat some cereal, but not sure how much milk I’ve got. High probability some dirty office chancer has nicked some of it, meaning I may have to go to the shop. Which I can’t be arsed to do. Good morning.


Near miss in the car this morning. There’s a horrific junction I don’t use, because it involves crossing one lane of a dual carriageway, then crossing the fast lane of the other side to get into the flow of traffic.

The predictable accident has happened (to someone else) this morning. Doesn’t look good. And then I was coming up to her junction, some fucking nugget pulled out on me in what I imagine was EXACTLY THE SAME WAY that caused the accident that was right on front of us. Good thing it’s half term, because my emergency stop would have had someone driving into the back of me in normal traffic.

tl;dr :red_car::oncoming_automobile::astonished:


Alright mate?


Sounds shit. Glad you weren’t hit. Which junction is this btw?


Jet lag is still beating me up. Couldn’t sleep til 1am.

Bf is taking me for a birthday dinner tonight. I’ve also got a work lunch. Good job I’m constipated.

That is all.


A505, just outside That Town That Shall Not Be Named Because It Will Blow My Cover But You Know The One, On The Kings Cross Line.