Thor's Evening

Evening all!

I’m going to try and be in bed for 20.0



We had a really good pasta bake for tea (not a jovial Dolmio one) and I’m currently bathing The Child in preparation for her earliest bedtime in about three years.

I might have some booze tonight in recognition of how much fun I’ve had this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll watch a film tonight (although I have a feeling Wor Lass will not be fussed about either of the ones we have).

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1 day left before a week off. Gotta get through this, as the popular saying goes.

About to make some sorta bacon and mushroom pasta with pesto and some cream maybe. Beer, Taskmaster and bed I think.


Long day + tour = had Chinese for tea.


On final stage of travel, then it’s sitting reading with nice beer waiting for my mate to finish work

Booked a gig in for tonight even though by the time it starts my brain will think it’s 2am lol. A nap before maybe

Where you at son?

Been working from a client’s office all day, so now it’s time to catch up with i) work for other clients and ii) all the farts I’ve been holding in all day

Watching the wean play roblox.

It’s the most fucking awful shite possible and is constantly trying to get him to spend money.

Suddenly seem to have a cold and i can not be fucked with it.

Heading to Brooklyn innit


hey hey hey


sacked off yoga as it is tipping down and I am tired
Blanket and trash telly with some poppets mix ups it is

Category in the final of Pointless today was something like Top 50 90s Britpop Singles. Contestant said Bittersweet Symphony and it was pointless. Live Forever was also pointless, wtf?

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How were they defining Britpop?

I can’t remember now, it must’ve been a list by XFM or something



Looking for some.good beers whilst yr over?

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Still one of my favourite moments of the last decade


Still the benchmark for all subsequent tours. Today’s was fairly good tbh; someone got quietly so drunk that their group had to cancel their dinner plans, I had to give a couple a lift to the bus stop after cause they didn’t know how they were getting home, and one of the people used to work across the road from me in Bath.


Late one at work so went for a BK.



All going brilliantly tonight. My train broke down earlier and I’ve just microwaved a pot of soup for tea which, it has turned out, has completely gone off.

At least I’ve got plenty of time to nip to the chippy at Dorridge…

Last day until March 24 that the sun will set after 18:00. Fuck winter.