He says good morning!!

Also found a great insta

Let’s get through today huh??


Morning @Slicky

Feeling properly lethargic this morning. Feels like I should be in Christmas holiday mode but it’s four weeks away!

Same day as normal coming up.

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Woke up at 5, so that’s lovely.

Going to start work in a bit and then finish up around 4 so I can go for a walk into the city centre and pop to some shops. Odds on me getting something urgent at 3:55?

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Good morning @Slicky @colon_closed_bracket @guntrip and everyone, I’ve got a lot on today and had a very disturbing dream that I accidentally posted photo where you could see my chest. Idk why I’m embarrassed to type out boobs and why this is spoilered :sweat_smile: but I was devastated and heart was racing and I woke up wringing my hands which is quite painful. Wish my brain let me have relaxing dreams. Anyway I made a friend on the phone yesterday at boots pharmacy who will hook me up with a flu jab, I have to phone again today at 12 to book the appointment so looking forward to that, I’ve been worried about it


Thanksgiving today. Should probably go back to bed for now though.



Had the best nights sleep I’ve had in an absolute age. Feel ready to take on the world :muscle:

I reckon the feeling will last until about 9:30am.

I got an email from a potential client over night. He says that he likes what I’ve done to date, and that he’s keen to instruct me. However he will only pay half of what I’ve quoted.

Yes mate, that’s exactly how it works.


Slept like an absolute log. Pretty groggy this morning as a result. Nursery drop in an hour, do sorting breakfast and a cuppa out. I have no plans which is nice, but we probably need to go shopping and I’d like a walk


Do not want. R has his first day of finishing school early to try make it easier for him which is great, but it makes things significantly harder for me :frowning:

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Morning @slicky, everyone

My daughter is a big fan of that cartoonist. We met him at ComicCon and he was really nice to her.

Also Happy Thanksgiving @neilyoung and all US-based DiSsers :turkey:


Got an electrician coming to fit a slightly better extractor fan in the bathroom, and this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in about six months.


Hope it goes ok and makes life easier for him. I know it seems tough but I suppose they will then try to extend the day over time??

Really shit nights sleep, however it followed a few nights of good sleep so I have that in the bank at least

Morning all! @Slicky and @paidinfull I typed up an interview with that cartoonist earlier in the year, can confirm they came across as absolutely solid and really nice!

It’s another day where I do the standard things I do, except this day is COLD!


Some dickhead had their van/car idling outside for ages at about 5am this morning.

Although, I have realised it is pretty frosty, so they might have been trying to defrost the windscreen.

Good morning team.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American chums.

I’m feeling loads better this week with the “long covid” and all that. Loads. It’ll probably dip again but that’s fine. I’ll just chill (relax).


Happy thanksgiving to @NeilYoung and @xcheopis and all the other thanksgiving celebrators :slight_smile:
Absolutely zero to report apart from I woke up and was having a little cry, which was then interrupted by them upstairs playing sandstorm by darude and the utter absurdity of me crying whilst hearing it made me laugh so hard that I’m in a good mood now.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I’m sorry to report that you appear to be experiencing my time at university, my most heartfelt commiserations


Please respect the format.

Morning guys, just playing some D&D online. Although these days I guess we could do it in person. But the convenience…