Those aliens-describing-everyday-things cartoons on Facebook

Keep seeing them on Facebook and hate then with a passion! Garfield is funnier


Haha! That cat sure does love lasagne!



  • Everyone posting these
  • When everyone was really into bitstrips

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That fella is a big pro-lifer.


I havent seen one of these yet


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You’re in for a treat…

Garfield memes are the best thing about Facebook


Try again, other places parents should stick kids drawings

  • Over the TV
  • Back of a chair
  • Top of the toilet seat
  • Over mirrors
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Other doors
  • Car bonnet
  • To shower curtain (non-shower facing side)
  • To shower curtain (shower facing side)
  • Bin lid

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Just reminded me of the time me and my brother taped a picture of Neil Buchanan to the back of my Dad’s car before we went on holiday (probably belongs in the Naughtiest things thread).

Think we wanted other drivers to think he was an Art Attack superfan or something


i liek this, thnaks for sharing lol xx

There is only one good webcomic and it’s not this.

My rage meter increase 2% everytime I see one

:slight_smile: I liked them the first time I saw them.
:expressionless: Then by about the third one, it became clear that there was one joke.
:angry: Then the pro-life stuff of the creator.

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Haven’t seen them on Facebook, but lots on instagram. At their best they’re pretty good, some have made me chuckle. But it’s a bit of a limited concept, and yes, the man who makes them (and some other comics) is massively pro-life so I try to ignore him/his stuff as best I can.

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never heard of them . but now i have thankyou

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