Those big bits of life admin you have

With a rating of how much effort to rectify out of 10 you reckon it is.

Withdrawing pension fund from when I lived in New Zealand briefly - needs to have proof of ID and bank statement be signed by both a bank and a solicitor /important type person. 8/10 on the effort scale though almost impossible during this pandemic

Find out student loan balance and login details probably just one long and arduous phone call. 6/10 on the effort scale

Combine multiple pensions into one fund can’t even begin to imagine the admin. 10/10 effort.

Now you! This can be a thread where we motivate each other to do these things if you like? I dunno.

Should add I’ve been putting off #1 for a good 8 years

Tried to do this three times now and given up. More out of boredom than difficulty. So this. Definite 10/10

Other biggie is new mortgage. Probably only a 6/10 really but it’s so boring yet important that I’m ignoring it.

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I put 2 off for years. Took less than 10 minutes.

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I have my account number and nothing else, no password, security question, email address it’s connected to etc, and none of my family live where the account is registered to any more. Nothing.

I’ve written off a pension from a previous job as I’m never going to do anything about it.

Also claiming back tax for work mileage. They made it too difficult. Consider this a gift to the HMRC.

I submitted a request to delete my Epic Games account and this is what they want me to confirm so they can they delete it:

Long list below

• A screenshot of your oldest available receipt made on this Epic Games account
• Your public IP address(es). If you use multiple devices, please include all IP addresses
• The date you created your Epic Games account
• Locations (city, state/province) where you made purchases on the account
• The original display name for the account
• The last 4 digits of the first payment card used on the account
• The date you last logged in
• The names of any PlayStation, Switch, Twitch, or Xbox accounts connected to your Epic Games account and the dates when they were connected
• The invoice ID or transaction number from your Epic Games purchase

cba now


Worth the phone call, I did it last year and found out I’d overpaid by about £4k. Got the garden done with the refund. Didn’t even take that long to get through.

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My union keep sending me letters and I’m not sure why (poor dutch) so I need to figure that out
Hope I haven’t been expelled

WTF The Fuck? That’s ridiculous!


Wow it’s almost like they don’t want you to delete it

Should add that’s about THREE YEARS worth of overpayments that were never stopped. The whole thing is a fucking racket.

expenses claim.

some it was in USD which means I have to find out what I was ACTUALLY charged and AAAARGH.

also got some cheques to pay in because someone apparently thinks it’s still the 20th century.

been saying ‘I’m applying for my Irish Passport this week’ every week for… four years now.

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What’s worse is that I have never made any purchases with the account. I signed up years ago and never logged in after that. It’s just a username, password and email address.

Seeing if I can save money on my utilities 8/10

I phoned up to get a balance so I could pay off the final chunk in one go. They gave me it, I paid the couple thousand £ there and then …then they sent me a refund cheque for £5k a couple of months later?! Is it just one person sitting there with a calculator do you reckon?

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the student loan automatic overpayment scheme is the biggest load of bullshit ever

can’t believe its legal

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Yeah anything taken PAYE is accrued and only credited to the account once a year, so you could get a balance at the end of March and then the next month it’ll have the thousands you’ve paid via your employer credited. Absolute scam.