Those big bits of life admin you have

Put together a hospital bag.
Write up some notes for my friend about childcare
Put together a bassinet
Continued cleaning
Repressurise the boiler

Hey I did it! £1,136 outstanding. Said I’d overpaid £600 over the years but that’s included in the balance so getting it back would take it to £2,736.

Took about 10 minutes yeah :grinning::grinning:

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That’s a typo, not bad maths. Promise

sigh…yes :frowning:

Have to file my taxes despite being nowhere near even halfway towards needing to pay any

Weirdly my advice cost £600. Pm me so I can send an invoice


Quite enjoy re-pressurising the boiler. Turn a few taps, feel like a big practical man.


This has been a nightmare (sort of). It happened once before and had no idea what to do, had to get a guy round, turned out the filler loop was separate and had gone missing. Anyway he sorted it, now it’s happened again and I’ve said I can do it but don’t really trust myself. Luckily I have a colleague is who is a former gas fitter who looked at some photos I sent and has talked me through it, but then I had to wait on a wrench to get the caps off which has just arrived… wish me luck!

Got to fix the projector :frowning: I’ve had it out for a while (it usually it sits in a box above my wardrobe) as it broke ages ago, mainly due to inaction I think, but every day I look at it and think ‘will I ever use you again?’

Done it! Hopefully that’s all it needed (it is a very old boiler. It passed an inspection last year but the guy said it would be a replace not fix job at this point)

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The other half thinks we need to contact the bank to start some kind of subsidence claim because there are cracks at the back of the house. I think it’s just because we’ve got an old house.

Either way, we want the kitchen done, with the old chimney breast taken out to give some more work surface space, and room for a dishwasher, and that’ll need some structural work.

And then all the windows in house need replacing. Oh, all the carpets need replacing, because all we have are cheap worn ones put in when it was a student house. And we also need more cupboard space / shelving in the alcoves. And then we should probably decorate some of the rooms given that we’ve been here nearly four years.

Sell my ‘other lot’ of free shares before I leave work. We get two sets through different schemes - never even logged in to the one scheme.

Last summer I finally got round to telling the Civil Service Pension scheme that I changed address to the place I moved into thirteen years ago. So currently all four of my pensions have my correct address (and seriously everyone if you’re going to do anything with old pensions at least do that), although they’re being crap about sending me a benefit statement so I have no idea what that pension’s worth.

I’m also in “combining my pensions seems complicated” club, but I suspect it’s easier if you do it as soon as you move jobs. Genuinely no idea if I’d be better off with all mine in one pot.

I’ve heard that the best thing to do is buy low and sell high

Indeed - the share price is currently around £20, these shares were awarded at about £2.50.

post back surround sound system that I bought from ebay because it is covered in mould

8/10 super bulky, have to print out the address and stick it, have to box properly

chase halifax for the thousand pounds they owe me

3/10 just a call but know i’ll be on hold for a long time

do something to tackle the mounting levels of carboard that is engulfing my flat from all the deliveries (I dont put it in the recycle bin as there is not much room and ofetn end up cutting my hands breaking apart boxes, prefer taking it to the recycle centre)

9/10 there is so much of it

how soon before the other expires do we need to be looking?

Mine ends in dec but perhaps too soon right now?

I need life insurance. I didn’t realise how big a deal it really is having a house and wife and kids and all, but keep putting it off. No idea really where to start.

I’m getting almost daily cold calls about life insurance. Can tell them to call you instead?