Those Cambridge Audio SE1 earphones that some of us bought



I know this was mentioned before when silky was being a cunt, but the earphones that I bought way back when recently died so I contacted CA to see about getting them fixed/replaced. They asked for my order number and once that was confirmed sent me out a new pair, no questions asked. Didn’t even have to send the broken ones back.

Just in case any of you find yourself in a similar position.

Bye now.


Hi DOTS, my ones broke. This is a very useful anecdote thankyou.


I’m on my third pair of these now, they arrived last week, their customer service is great innit :+1:


Apology accepted. Come on back, silky.


Are they good earphones? I need a new set, not bothered about them being top of the range or anything, but better than the ones I got with my phone (which is what I’ve had to resort to using for the time being) would be good.


still on my first pair. I think they’re pretty decent, certainly for £25 they’re a steal.

Wonder if silkz managed to shift that second set. How much was he after, £80 or something?


I gave up after my 3rd set broke and went back to SoundMagics, but yeah GOBL Cambridge Audio. Great product if it was a bit more robust (if not wildly over ‘priced’ at £150 or whatever they said they were worth)


My second pair broke but I felt cheap exchanging them again seeing as it was a charity thing. Nice while they lasted but the build quality was terrible lets be honest.


Shame the same can’t be said about their build quality? :wink:


Flogged all mine on ebay. Made a mint.


@nice.squirrel where are ye?


Cheers for this. Mine died a few months ago. I got some 30 quid sennheisers and forgot about it. Messaged them this morning and they’ve already got back to me to say they’re sending me a new pair. Top people.


I liked them enough for the 2 months I had them, they broke, didn’t like them enough to get the pair replaced.

They weren’t worth 150quid though with that build quality.


I only started using mine a few weeks ago (got them as spares) and I then read this thread yesterday - and then they broke! Typical. I’ve emailed to see if I can get a replacement.


how are you all breaking so many headphones?


Ever heard of a little band called Kasabian?


Maybe I got the one pair that were built alright; no issues at all with mine… yet.


I’m on my fourth pair. Each pair only lasted a few months of use at best, the cable was especially poor. But sound quality was great for £25 and they’ve been excellent each time in replacing them.

Shame, everything else I’ve owned by Cambridge Audio (amps, CD player, speakers) is still going strong after many, many years.


I got an email saying they’ll replace them and they’re from a new batch which have improved and won’t have the same issues so fingers crossed.


The cynic in me suspects they made a dodgy batch that wasn’t worth selling as they’d all be returned, so they donated them all to the charity sell-off as people are much less likely to return them as a) they think they’re getting a bargain, and b) it’s for charity innit.