Those cardboard sleeve cover things you get on Japanese CDs


are very cool

as you can see I’ve stuck it inside the cover of the cd case so I don’t lose it.


The obi strip innit. Was the inspiration for the Disintegration State artwork.


is itttttt? feel bad, that entire thread/venture has completely passed me by, gonna download the sampler for work tomorrow. glad we’re all agreed about obi strips anyway.


Obi strips, real name no gimmicks


Never knew they had a name.

Never even owned wan.


No need to feel bad! There’s soooo much music to listen to all the time. But also thanks in advance for having a listen :slight_smile:


The music is great, but I do have to give particular praise for the cover and packaging design which was bloody lovely!


Thanks! Got longer-term ambitions to be known for producing beautiful physical products (along with great music!) so it’s nice to start off with our best foot forward!


I would buy that miniature epiphanies lp on vinyl like a shot.


Me too! Just a case of getting to a stage where we have enough cash reserves and enough fans to make vinyl production at least cost-neutral. Quite like the idea of doing CD / vinyl reissues further down the line for things which were digital only on release. At this point it needs an artist to take the risk up front on physical production. But we’ve got dreams!


That’s really good to hear!

Back on topic… Those cd strips were my go to bookmark of choice for many years when I used to buy a lot of susumu yakota(rip) cds etc




Tbf they were known as ben strips for a number of years