Those Christian bakers who refused to make that gay marriage cake


Their appeal has been refused or whatever, which I think is fair enough and the article and ruling make it clear the reasons why. But this popped up on my fb (I’m not even on…) coz a friend of a friend who’s a tattoo artist was talking about it from the point of view that if he, as a tattoo artist (or artisan as he put it) was asked to tattoo some religious verses onto someone and he refused on the grounds that he didn’t agree with the religion, could he be in trouble under the Equality Act? I think he probably could, if the reason for not doing it is religion.

He was saying it’s fair enough for organisations that provide a service not to discriminate but if you’re asking an artisan (again, his word) to put time and effort into creating something that they disagree with it wouldn’t be fair. I see where he’s coming from but I don’t think I agree, because the rights of minorities protected by the Act are more important to protect than his feelings as an “artisan”.

Whaddya reck? Probably more of a dayshift thing but I’ll forget about it tomorrow morning


As long as it wasn’t an openly offensive religious verse then he should do it, all tattoos are shit and no one’s ever read anyone else’s anyway so it doesn’t matter really


Not sure people should be forced to do something they don’t want to do, even if your reason is because you’re a stupid cunt


what about a restaurant that doesn’t want to serve black people?


It’s probably one that’s been ripped hideously out of context #theologyinsight


He/she shouldn’t be forced to, but then they are executed, and the executor shouldn’t be forced to execute them, but then they are executed if they don’t.


We must respect the culture of artisans


A couple of things stood out for me about this story. Firstly, the term ‘gay cake’ for some reason makes me laugh hysterically. Secondly, their age. Not sure how old they are exactly, but i find it genuinely surprising that young people capable of starting and running a business would be homophobic in this day and age. Maybe i’m giving young people too much credit, or being a bit ageist myself.


Come to Northern Ireland, we have bigots of all ages, genders and political persuasions! We are truly equal opportunities when it comes to bigotry!


Gay cake.


This was part of yer man’s point


Apparently it was a highly emotional day in court

even the cake was in tiers


Here’s one for you, what if some Christians wanted me to bake a cake that said “God created marriage to be between a man and woman” or something (presuming for a moment we’re back in the a pre-gay marriage legalisation days), and I told them to fuck off? Religion is a protected characteristic too, no? So where does that leave me?

I made a cake only once in my life, when I was roped into a charity Great British Bakeoff against my will. To this day nobody in my work can mention carrot cake without falling about in hysterics, it was that bad.


Refuse on the grounds that it’s homophobic


Well that statement isn’t outright homophobic, it’s just saying that God didn’t make marriage for gays, doesn’t say anything mean. Obviously “God hates fags” would be homophobic, but they’re usually sneakier than that.


not explicitly but I don’t think you’d have trouble arguing that your refusal was based on something other than the person’s religion


I’d argue both statements are homophobic…but let’s just stop writing messages on cakes full stop, ffs.


whose new band is gonna be called GAY CAKE APPEAL, then?


agree the bakers should have lost their appeal

disagree with your mate calling himself an artisan


If you told them to fuck off because of their religion you’d be in trouble, yeah.