Those crazy millenials

This can’t be real can it?

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Tbf that article is the epitome of millennial humour

I like the idea of a middle aged office worker trying to make a young co-worker feel welcome by engaging with absurdity and self-loathing


Yes, I thought it was a joke but it appears to be written by some middle-aged business-guru type

“Employing comedy when interacting with millennials can help solidify the connection you make. If you’re having trouble relating to the young new worker in your office, try cracking a joke or sharing a (tasteful) meme.”

Think this probably belongs in that ‘Wackiness’ thread


Yeah, email them this and when they look up at you give them a wink and a thumbs up.

Oh yeah, relating to the millenials!


also middle-aged office worker trying to be cool in front of the young colleagues and inadvertently unleashing a deluge of neo-Nazi dogwhistles


also can I just say no-one thought I was cool at school for doing this before any of them, THE FUCKING HACKS

also I was kind of moved when someone told me they thought I was funny once they’d realised the humour was deliberate

“Why aren’t you laughing at the funny frog?”

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I mean I’m kind of appalled for the state of television because it hasn’t yet been immortalised in a classic sitcom moment

it’s got to be the pensioner using hip-hop parlance of the Instagram generation

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Obviously not read the article, but is it another attempt for Ricky Gervais to relaunch the David Brent character after his film flop?

I think we should all try as hard as we can to not be ironic or funny. Yes I am serious.

My philosophy is less irony (but still some bc cmon) and being funny is fine

Metamodernism cuz