Those games you see advertised on social media

Where you have to pull out the rods to let the drink go in the cup but not the poison, or let the knight get the gold but not the lava, like some weird contrived kerplunk… are they even real games? Who plays them?


There was something on Reply All about this. I might be misremembering but I don’t think they’re real games. The actual game they link to is often totally different and the game in the video is just an animation they knocked up.


That’s so weird


Nothing’s fucking real anymore, man. It’s all just weird stuff.


Kind of disconcerting isn’t it.

Like the stuff in Wish adverts

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Downloaded one of those animated “I’ve arrived at my boyfriend’s to surprise him but there’s another woman here! Should I A) Confront him B) Hide in the wardrobe” games a while ago for some bants. It was reprehensible.

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Company looking to diversify?




Your avatar really helps with posts like this, I always get a laugh out of it


What adverts are everyone getting on YouTube these days? I’m still getting 30-day free trials for Audible shouted at me (probably been offered those about 4,000 times over the last couple of years), and Trading 212 is the other current big one. Not sure what Trading 212 is, or if it’s better than the first 211.

Going back to this, like, how do you arrive at the conclusion that a shitty cartoon of what looks like a shitty game is in any way appealing. Sometimes I see those display ads with a busty woman in armour and a strap line like “The number one strategy game you have to play” and I know it’s bollocks but at least there’s a promise of boobs

The FFVII remake and online voucher plugins.

All mobile games are bullshit tbh


Think my VPN blocks them :nail_care:

I feel like as soon as you click them your device will shatter into a bazillion pieces. The one on instagram with swapping the coloured ropes looks addictive as fuck though.

I remember playing Clash of Clans once and it was awful

really glad someone else admitted this before i did.

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It must be similar to the nonsense spam emails.
Filters out people who definitely won’t fall for the scam.

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I’ve thought a lot about making this thread

I figured maybe because I got rid of all the ad preference tracking stuff on that website, on Google too, etc, that I just get targeted with random stuff, but I have no idea anymore.

I’m pretty insulted if they think I’m going to play their trash games, tho.

like the mob one with the level 1 mob person being humiliated for being a lowly nothing man compared to the level 50 bosses, or the ones with waves of attackers being killed by automated weaponry.

are they real? there’s no way they’re like that.

I get those, the mafia and wave defence mobile games plus endless fucking TikTok ads (a guy called Shem in drag as his mother, one about makeovers which very briefly looks like porn as it starts, a couple of twats actually filming their dinner), I think its because targeted ads are turned off but I’d happily pay a lump sum now to someone to never have TikTok advertised to me ever again.