Those glasses lenses which change from clear to sunglasses depending on the light (C64 exclusive)



One of my ex-workmates wore them.

I didn’t know how to handle it.

I ended up just bringing it up matter of fact one day to see what happens.

“I see you’ve got those lenses which change depending on whether you’re outside or not”

He was like “yeah”.

Nowhere else to take the conversation without being mean really. I was kinda hoping he would apologise and smash them on the floor.

But life went on.

No-one here owns those lenses do they?


they’re the worst. i don’t know why, but they’re fucking awful.


Me mam does. Is there summat odd about them?


Is it genetic?


next you’ll be calling these people speccy four eyes you disgrace


lad called warren in my school year wore them. seemed to get him a lot of attention
looked him up on fb recently and was disappointed to see he no longer wears glasses


was told by an opthamologist that he seriously recommended i wear them, that they’d help me and any discomfort from my eye conditions


fine taking a pair of sunglasses everywhere instead


Probably misses his old glasses.


Woah woah WOAH, you comment on one lens style, and old Captain Generalisation here extrapolates wildly


Pure nonce tackle those bins


how did you know my job title?


The kind of glasses you always see people wearing in the background on Antiques Roadshow.


Should have read the replies before posting. Soz J


My Mam has them too but she’s a pensioner.

They’re like zimmer frames for the eyes.


My old boss from downstairs wears them. I mean they’re obviously shit but he’s a bloke in his mid-40s who still lives at home with his Mum so I can’t really go to town on him.


Was once convinced by the opticians to buy react-to-light glasses. Definitely a bad decision: they often get a bit dark when it’s not bright enough to warrant it, and they never get dark enough to do the job a proper pair of sunnies do.


I will now apologise to all Mums.

Will bone any that want a proper apology


sounds like you’re missing an opportunity for some workplace bullying right there, robbing him of his lunch money could be an extra income stream too


I think if I just asked him nicely for 10 sniffs he’d hand it over no questions asked. Soft as shit, lovely bloke mind.


My father-in-law wears them. I very much see them as the kind of practical, but terminally untrendy thing that father-in-laws might do, like wearing socks with sandals and having a phone on a belt holster.

But I also knew a kid at school who had them, he obviously thought they were like something out of the Matrix when he out in his shades at lunchtime, but when he was back in class waiting for them to go back to normal, he just looked like a pillock.