Those inflatable T-rex costumes are cheaper than I expected

Made any impulse purchases recently?


A new American Professional Stratocaster.


How does it differ from the Mexican Amateur series?

Just been to Home Bargains (disappointing haul):

2x tissues
Shower Gel
Curry sauce ketchup thing
One small bird food (didn’t have large in stock)
Hot Wheels X-wing
Small toblerone

Gets paid more money and has a slightly more irritating accent.

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Also I bought one of these, principally because of the different coloured LEDs:

Constipated again?

Looks enormous!

Pretty sure it’ll still fit in the T-rex costume.

Internal stomp box?

Something about scales.

Was meaning to start a thread on this the other day, picked some up for the first time ever and it’s sensational!

This is the one I have been having:

But today I got this as a gamble:

Pataks have one too that I haven’t tried:

I used to mix ketchup with curry powder which is essentially what they use for curry wurst in the Fatherland.

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Oh, curry sauce, for some reason I thought you’d written garlic sauce!

(The second one pictured is a fridge staple in my house)

I had the Holy Cow Bombay Ketchup a while ago and it was well nice. Wanted to get some more but Ocado have stopped selling their bottled sauces which is well annoying, cos I love the hot garlic and chili one they do.

Yeah, I like garlic sauce too. I generally like sauce.

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Slightly concerned that I am stepping on @Meatsqueak condiment toes here.

I knocked up some chicken shawarma on Sunday, whacked it in a wrap, it was fine, got myself a bottle of Heinz curry sauce on Monday, had the (now one day old) chicken shawarma in a wrap with a bit of that and it was fucking sensational mate

might accidentally buy this some time