Those things that any remaining merit in has been utterly ruined by its fans


Monty Python
Classic Rock



(too easy)


Fortunately beer and coffee and shit like that have too much merit to start with but people are doing their best to ruin them.


Take the stabilisers off then!


Rick & Morty


saw a tweet the other day describing them as “space Nickelback”


I was going to say The Smiths, but Morrissey is trying his hardest to outdo the fans on that one.


The smashing pumpkins




Is it anything popular or niche or anything?


It’s definitely Morrissey that’s worse than his fans.

I know I’m pretty much the only Stone Roses fan on here, but them, definitely.




Stone Roses fans are pretty bad. Quite like the debut album still but horrible associations with stone Island bellends


Nothing really, it’s bad to generalise and to blame people for the actions of others


Similarly, oasis fans. Went to school with a lad who’s obsessed and runs an oasis fan twitter and it’s so weirdly fascinating. Always going on about missing the 90’s even though he was born in 94 and saying rap music isn’t real music.
Also calls everyone rkid which is… yeah


Would you believe I’ve been kicked out of the pumpkins Facebook group for not being sycophantic enough