Those wee things that come off trees, float in the air and then get in your eye (protest thread)



I can’t stand them, we should get rid of them. I’ve one in my eye for over 30 minutes now.


Bird shit?


that comes from birds, not trees (as far as I know)


Chill out, Attenborough


is this tree pollen? my eyes have been fucked this past fortnight.






love catching a real-time edit :smiley:


think they’re called leaves lol


I’ve kind of lost the intuitive sense of English spelling with certain words and sounds after all these years in Sweden.

In particular with single/double consonants. In Swedish the double consonant means the preceding vowel sound is short and a single consonant means the preceding vowel sound is long. Weird cognitive dissonance when looking at a word like ‘caterpillar’


You mean birds?




I’m not entirely sure what they are, I think that they’re too big to be pollen.


It’s basically tree spunk.


Useless flappy twats.


Had one in my hair the other day so I agree, get rid of 'em


It’s finally out by the way but I’m just about to go out to get lunch and I bet I get another in there.


I said birds too