thought there could be a thread in this, couldnt think of a title

you would think they would feel less guilty about spending £1.50 on a tin of tuna and more guilty over letting their lodger effectively pay their mortgage


Ah, this is a classic DiS genre: picking apart someone’s budgeting decisions

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Should have gone for baked beans instead.

I think it’s an article made to annoy people. the days of the week colours are pretty annoying


Does she pay £436 and the £400 from her lodger towards her mortgage or does she pay £36 towards her mortgage?

I think this is a different genre, bbc trying to tell people they just need to budget more, and very comfortable people pretending they are hard up


I think people who do blogs for the BBC should be prevented from trying to be humorous

Just had a read of the article. It’s kind-of mundane isn’t it? This sort of thing:

I have to admit there’s the odd occasion where I can’t resist the call of McCoys salt and vinegar crisps, which would set me back around 70p .

I’m just struggling to see what angle they’re going for.


i’d get a lodger if I really needed to, I just wouldn’t pretend that I felt bad about buying tuna

am worth every penny sorry hun


Assuming the latter

I can’t understand how someone could justify that to themselves.
Just. Wuh?!

Why do people still buy normal sized packs of crisps for 70p when you can buy packs 5 times the size for £1?

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Thst and they were overpaying their mortgage £100 each month.

hope the lodger reads the article and moves out


So wait.
As in, they are charging their tenant more than the cost of their mortgage?

I think their mortgage is £436, they are charging £400 rent. they are using that rent for spending extra spending money, tuna fish and mcoys, savings, and paying off an extra £100 on their mortgage every month

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I took that to mean she’ll pay £100 extra on top of the £436 but could be wrong

36 pound a month mortgage. fuck me.


What @ttf and @JohnM said, as I read it.