Thoughts on football teams

City – couldn’t tell you one thing about them either. United are very much “baby’s first football team”, so what does that make you? Dunno. No real substance. Which came first? I don’t know, I don’t care. Because I’ve thought about United for so long, I have no real thoughts about them either. A bit like when you have an older sibling, so when you finally get to secondary school all the teachers assume you’ll be the same. Sorry to chuck you in the same bag as your sibling but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, baby. If United are The Beatles, City are The Who. Everyone knows an old guy who likes them but, like… why? He couldn’t tell you. Neither could I.


West Ham – do we really need another London centric football team? Think it’s a bit needy when big cities have more than one team (see: United). Your colours are nice, I’ll give you that. Feel like West Ham is the indie choice, very much smacks of Lush tote bags and Doc Martens. Bit smug. Although, bonus points for having a rivalry with Millwall cause those guys are pricks. I can’t put my finger on what band they are exactly, it’s more of a spotify playlist titled “Sing along indie hits!” or something. Fine.


Exeter City and Torquay United?

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Basically, real Manchester locals support united, city fans are kind of like people supporting the Yankees.

This is canon.


Wolverhampton – it’s the taking part that counts, innit. Stereophonics.


Leicester – I mean, fine. I was pleased for them when they had their little moment, but their most famous player shat himself whilst playing in the world cup, so ultimately all anyone can ever associate them with is poo, crisps and (by proxy) Wayne Lineker. Not the worst by any stretch, no one can really hate you but also not the best, ultimately a one hit wonder. Two Princes by the Spin Doctors.


Accrington Stanley pls

This will be a really great thread IMO


Blackburn Rovers and Partick Thistle pls.

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Kind of a post that answers itself

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Plymouth. Argyle.


Just assumed that’s who she was referring to.

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When the game’s beginning, all the crowd start singing.
When the goals start scoring, it becomes less boring.
When I go see Arsenal, I reckon they can pass an’ all.
When I go see Villa, my view is blocked by a concrete pillar.




You’re thinking of Dulwich Hamlet FC

Newry City FC please.

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Pretty damning suggesting it isn’t already

You got it kind of the wrong way round but you are right that it’s now kind of switched/lines are more blurred because of the last 5-10 years of oil ball.

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The getting it the wrong way round was v wolfcastle don’t worry (oh I see what you mean. Yes, funny how much perceptions have changed. Wonder how many kids are ‘glory supporting’ Man City these days)

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Thread of the day

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