Thoughts on the new Grandaddy songs?


Grandaddy shared 2 new songs (Way We Won’t and Clear Your History) on Danger Mouse’s label this morning, what do you all think?


Had heard Way We Won’t before live, and Marc Riley played it on his show a few weeks ago - smiled so much when I first heard it, it’s like they were never gone. Think the solos sound a bit murky but when it’s that fun I don’t really mind.

Clear Your History sounds incredible though, got a bit of an Underneath the Weeping Willow/So You’ll Aim Towards the Sky vibe, could totally be nestled somewhere in Sophtware Slump.


Yeah, love Clear Your History too. Just wish it was a bit longer. Very excited about the new album!


Really like both of these songs.


These are both great, particularly Clear Your History. Looking forward to a new album!

Agree with @egotripping that Clear Your History wouldn’t sound out of place on Sophtware Slump. Lovely stuff!


Love both of them! Got really drunk last night and listened to them both about 10 times, grinning my head off.

I love the murky sounding solo that @egotripping mentioned above. It’s that Classic Grandaddy scuzzy and unpolished charm. Like the solo from Levitz. What do you think the chances are they’ll come to New Zealand? Slim, but I can dream :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I think I haven’t heard them


Not listened yet, which is baffling considering I adore pretty much everything Grandaddy! I’ll pop them on later, are they on Spotify or iTunes?


On Spotify… similarly passed me by until I listened a few minutes ago. Mega excited now.


They both sounds brilliant. I hope the full LP isn’t too far away.


They’re great. Way We Won’t sounds like it could be off Sumday.


I love ‘Way We Won’t’. When the synth riff comes I burst out in a grin everytime. ‘Clear Your History’ is nice, definite b-side material though.

Seriously looking forward to the album now.


Love the new songs, I’m glad they didn’t change their sound. Agree reminiscent of Sophtware Slump.


New album, “last Place”, out 3rd March. Whole buncha pre-orders up including Grandaddy themed Trucker Cap (yessssss)

Get excited people!


Playing the Roundhouse 3rd April apparently


Were these gigs announced already? Can’t remember now

26th March - Newcastle, Hoults Yard
27th March - Leeds, Irish Centre
28th March - Manchester, Albert Hall
29th March - Nottingham, Rock City
31st March - Bristol, Colston Hall
1st April - Brighton, Concorde
3rd April - London, Roundhouse


2017 tour dates


will have to make a holiday out of the bristol date i think


Jason played some new tracks on Marc Riley’s show last night, it was lovely

FAO @Kallgeese


Was very emotional due to a hangover while listening to that. Ended up having a soft cry during ‘I’m On Standby’. Really liked the new songs, turns out he played the second of them when I saw him solo earlier this year.