Thoughts on this then, friends?


  • The behaviour of an entitled bellend
  • Seemingly tongue-in-cheek and quite funny

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Tory MP by 2030, guaranteed


Wanted to vote for both options tbh


Didn’t know Silky’s real name was Ryan.




Let’s all text him


trying too hard




Is Ryan the one with the coffee or one of the horses?


no need to pretend that these aren’t your cards, pal.


Please don’t say that




no third option?


Aye, it’s a tough one isn’t it.

It’s in that spot where the bloke is almost certainly a colossal bellend and this is bordering on predatory behaviour but the actual card in and of itself is actually quite funny.




i dunno ‘fuck off, mate’ or something


I’m leaning towards the latter.

If I was given one of these I think I’d find it ludicrous. It’s presumptuous but it’s not crass or insulting.

Hard to say though, isn’t it? It could just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of his sense of entitlement. He could be a total douchebag.

I’m glad I’m not a woman. Men are pretty terrible.


‘Funny’ as in you laughed when you read it?


I think the card itself is probably okay? I mean it depends on how it’s given out but if he’s just sort of handing it out then pissing off I guess it’s the least invasive way of hitting on someone.

That said, I can’t imagine any woman thinking, “well this guy must be great if this is how he chooses to try to get a date” so I’d guess it backfires a lot.


As in the pose with the horses and the coffee and the Katy Perry quote led me to think that he’s being very tongue-in-cheek and that having these made up is quite amusing.