Thousands separator

So exotic!

  • 123,456,789.00
  • 123.456.789,00
  • 123 456 789.00
  • 123 456 789,00
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Let me lick you up and down ’til you say stop


Are we addressing the UK/USA or Europe? And have you considered the Indian system?


you gotta keep em separated


Not the same throughout?

All I care about is how the Dutch separate the thousands: with a dot

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It was embarrassingly recently that I learned that most countries use , as the decimal separator

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Never, with anything.

coz tonight baby i wanna separate thousands with you

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Somehow only encountered this earlier this year for the first time, despite having spent the past ten years working with large numbers in spreadsheets and closely with colleagues in India. Was only when someone transferred to our office and I was sat at his desk I spotted what I thought must have been a bug.

For the uninitiated, 12,34,56,789 would be an example.

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You sunk my battleship!