Thrash appreciation thread


Thrash. Always brings a smile to my face. Let’s post a load of great thrash songs. Going to start off with Anthrax:


I still listen to lots of classic thrash my fave of all time being Sepultura-Beneath the Remains, followed by these killer riff packed records;
Suicidal Tendencies- Lights Camera…
Anthrax-Among the Living
Overkill- Years of Decay
Slayer-South of Heaven
Pantera- Cowboys & Vulgar
Vio-Lence- Eternal Nightmare, Oppressing the Masses and the Torture Tactics EP (dicks of death is great)
Sacred Reich- The American Way…great great album
Megadeth- Peace sells and So far, So Good, So What
Metallica- Lightening, Puppets and Justice


Ooooh this takes me back… had so many of those mentioned… along with loads of Nuclear Assault. Had forgotten about Vio-Lence!

I still listen to Metallica (those three only, agreed) and the first two Suicidal Tendencies albums and Controlled by Hatred etc. I checked out some old Death Angel and Excel on naughty YouTube the other week and they, erm, weren’t as good as I remember. I don’t need to revisit Acid Reign to confirm they were terrible…

I haven’t heard Among The Living for over 20 years, but I will do now! … hope it hasn’t suffered a similar fate


Ohh yes. Some great albums mentioned here, several of which still get regular play in my house.

I’ve been having a bit of a nostalgia trip with thrash recently given the number of releases that are popping up. In fact I’m reading this while listening to Exodus. There’s a new boxset of their early albums and some of it is great (some of it isn’t). Also recently got the Sacred Reich boxset (the one with ‘Ignorance’ and the extended version of the ‘Surf Nicaragua’ ep) and the re-issue of Flotsam and Jetsam’s ‘No Place For Disgrace’. The jury is still out on it - the vocals jar a bit with me.


I got very excited when I saw the Cavalera brothers were touring to celebrate the anniversary of ‘Roots’ and then got massively disappointed when I saw the only the UK show they are doing is in London. Really need a full on Sepultura reunion.


I saw Acid Reign live last year (they were supporting Xentrix!!). To be honest they were great fun live. They know what they are and they play to their (limited) strengths.

Hopefully that Suicidal Tendencies will tour the UK next year. I saw them on the Clash of the Titans tour way back in 1990 (they had a very young Robert Trujillo on bass).

That was a great show. Classic Slayer line-up (Araya, King, Hanneman & Lombardo) doing ‘Seasons In the Abyss’, co-headlining with Megadeth during the ‘Rust in Peace’ phase. Testament and Suicidal were the supports. Fun times, brutal pits, deafening sound.


ST have played a few times in the recent past - at Ally Pally supporting Slipknot - of all things- earlier this year… I’ve never seen them and they must be worth a look, even now…

Weirdly I saw a chap in the street the other week in London kitted out head to toe in ST merchandise clothing - cap, hoodie, the works… never thought I’d see that in 2016!

Is now the time to mention that Lawnmower Deth seem to still be going as well?!


anthrax were always my least favourite of the big 4, even though ‘only’ is lowkey one of my favourite songs. bunch of good albums mentioned already, but no love for testament? practice what you preach has always been a favourite of mine


no rust in peace?


Toxic Holocaust are good


I was a big Acid Reign fan and always looked forward to their yearly Christmas London Marquee show, but I would think they’ve aged badly.

I was at Clash of the Titans too, ST & Slayer both played killer sets, with ST being my fave on the evening.


Personally I think Peace Sells and So far so good… Are much stronger albums. But all the Megadeth records of heard suffer from tinny production.


Sub tread, thrash covers version, oddly both of these are UK bands.




I saw Anthrax on the ATL tour in 1987. Powerhouse in Birmingham. It was mental. Testament were the support.


Seps- Orgasmatron


Iron Reagan


What about German thrash?


Kreator- People of the Lie