Thread 18-30


This thread is for all the 18-30s to let loose away from the judging eyes of all our DiS elders! We can do whatever we want! Drink, snog, stay up all night!


At last, a thread aimed at my demographic.


Who wants a fucking Bacardi Breezer? Whohoo!


Go home Grandpa its past your bedtime!


Shhh, I think I’m getting somewhere with the girl in the red bikini.



That’s a fire extinguisher





I’m going to need one because my crotch is on fire!


Quadruple vodka Red Bull for me, Clive.


is this 18-30 inclusive?


I’m guessing they still play this and that Prodigy into space track at these kind of events (I am under 30 honest… just)


good evening madam


I’ve got a fake ID if you need to borrow it


According to an article on the BBC, their target demographic is actually 17-35, which widens things up by another 6 years!


Spent all my cash on the first night, got no money to hire a scooter :(((((


this is the first time in my life I’ve aged out of anything :frowning:


women obv allowed, it’s more the atmosphere of the song that I want us to get on board with


Take @ma0sm’s - he’s fell off his and has had to go to A&E. Can’t find his E111 card either, the fucking lunatic!