Thread celebrating lesser known band members

This man plays drums in U2.

To this day nobody knows his name, not even his parents.


Is he fine tho


No idea, who cares?

You say he plays drums, yet you provide us with only proof of him playing a single drum.


The bass player from kasabian who appears to be looking for a roof that’s presumably been blown off


Just to say I enjoyed the reference. Ignore Maoam - with this and the exotic Joe thing earlier he’s having a really bad day

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We salute you, Razorlight hat guy.

Think The Guardian would be a good name for him actually


Reminds me of my pal composing one of my favourite tweets


Around 2001 I went to see ash who were supported by a then relatively unknown snow patrol. At the end of the gig gary lightbody was on the merch stall so I took the opportunity to get a signed CD. After gary signed it he handed it to someone else on the customer side of the table, to which I said ‘No no that was mine’. Obviously he turned out to be another member of the snow patrols


Superb stuff

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Good thing about this story that is if we were to recreate the scene with post fame snow patrol it would still be the same result


I’m guessing his Dad might know his name

The most talented band member in a band of household names (except for him).

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The fellas who play the dustbins and crowd surf through every song in the Slipknots.

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The guy from Fuck Buttons who isn’t Blanck Mass

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poor @buttons

I really like the bassist/dad in Muse

He’s a good bassist. But as you rightly point out, could walk straight past you in Tesco’s and nobody would go “is that the bass player from Muse?”.

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He’s also got a pretty lucrative acting gig as Bucky in the Avengeds films

Didnt he piss on jeff lebowski’s rug