Thread Custodians

Here’s an idea. If you want to make a thread, but don’t have the time or inclination to make sure it’s a success, nominate a thread custodian in the opening post who then has to maintain the thread and keep the chat fluid while you can mute it and go about your day.

What do you think @anon5266188?


I think this is a pretty decent idea tbh. It would need to be trustworthy community members who are committed to quality though or I could see things going downhill pretty quickly.

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You could’ve just tagged me, mate

Maybe it’s a badge that only a select few of us have?

Isn’t it weird how ‘going downhill’ means going wrong, and ‘an uphill struggle’ means something difficult. More positive connotations in everyday hill metaphors is required, I think.

I think maybe we could start using “rolling downhill (on our sides)” as a way of describing something being fun

This thread is really going downhill (on a bicycle which means I find it fun, exhilarating, and a great way to stay fit and healthy)

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Yeah, I guess that will work