Thread de banale

wuu2 huns ?

what’s yiur estimated ETA til you finish work ?

friday night planz ?


might pop off at 4pm

2nite: got some pals coming over tomorrow so going to make some brownies and get some snax in. a thrilling friday evening.


2 hrs + 4 mins
then pub
then Sleater Kinney :partying_face:


Should be out shortly after 5. Got a buddy travelling down from Yorkshire and it’s looking increasingly like I’m gonna have to head to Bristol to rescue him from the floods. His connecting train is still running for the minute…

Gonna watch Stalker in the cinema and have some beers if all goes well. Should be good.

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Just doing some professional video editing

Might clock off at 530 today. Can this be real?

Tonight i reckon will be takeaway and masterchef, probably in bed around 10pm. Peefick.

Semi clocked off, the boy’s about to stick BotW on.

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how’s his progress?

glad to hear Corbyn’s enjoying some downtime

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Our progress really. I’ve found a new hard mode. I do all the difficult stuff and gather all the good stuff. He breaks and loses it all.

60 shrines done but no divine beasts yet. I promised we would do one this weekend.

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I can go about half 4. I’ve been on my own in a half empty office most of the day and am fairly depressed

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Was going to be #verygood this weekend as have a race on sunday but everyone’s leaving work early for drinks :frowning: so i will join them i think, then AWVFTS later! :partying_face:

On some absolute bore-a-thon of a two and a half hour call. By which I mean I’ve turned the volume down to barely audible levels and am playing Switch in bed.

Someone just said “change champions”.

Pizza then bed tonight.

Think there might have been an “upskilling” there too.

might go home

Alright Dorothy

oh yeah I’m meant to be pacing at parkrun tomorrow, got to keep an eye on the beer count tonight

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Staring into the void.

Approx 11 minutes and counting.

Japanese food. Bed.

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Good news: I can confirm that we are, in fact, capturing the change impacts.


thank fuck for that