Thread Evening Monday

Hello :wave:

Since I had the afternoon off I went to the gym and did some stuff - pool was a bit too busy to have a swim though. Going to cook Chinese Beef and Green Pepper with some rice for dinner in a minute

What about you?

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Evening Laelfy.

In a wormhole listening to Drive- By Truckers, afternoon off here as well… Sunny out, melting some of the snow. Good day.

Hi! Got this for tea

Might have some wine with it. Fucking exhausted tbh so will just watch some trash TV until bedtime I imagine.


evenin laelfs,

busy and productive way day. now home and cooking some food, probably watch some masterchef later.

Gonna try really hard and get to my bed sharp so i can get up sharp and go to the gym for the first time in about 2 months.

I appreciate your repeated attempts to get music into the social board threads, sometimes you forget this is a music forum.


Hey up my lovely.

Supposed to be going to a union meeting but can’t be doing with it at all this evening.

Kids at piano so going to enjoy the silence then make some dinner and is it MasterChef??

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Pizza and wine sounds like such a good plan.

We’re having omelette :roll_eyes:

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Just fell down a chasm to my death, losing my first ender pearl and a nearly completed map :cry:

Hi Laelfy, I hope you got on alright today :slight_smile:

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Had the day off. Didn’t do the things I planned to. Watched some Peep Show as I was paralysed by choice when I opened Netflix, tidied up, did a load of recycling, listened to a ton of Palace Music and Moonface…then my washing machine flooded the kitchen again, and I sliced a chunk out of my arm somehow.

Clean sheets so I’ll be in bed early.


Sorry for your loss.

Thoughts and prayers x

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Some cunt in a conservatory van started undertaking me on a slip road then tried to merge into my car at speed. Had to brake hard and swerve to not crash.

Irritatingly, I can’t find the cunt’s website so I can leave a scathing review calling them a cunt, so, Rhino Conservatories van driver: you’re a cunt.

Thai green curry for dinner.

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Evening all :wave:

Just been reading lots of books to the youngest whilst the eldest is at Brownies. Got leftover vegan Thai for dinner tonight. Might tinker with it slightly as it was slightly too hot last time. Other than that: no plans.


When I was researching gyms in the area I came across the Western Baths Club and I thought to myself, that looks like the kind of place lo-pan would be a member of.

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I did, thank-you

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Evening all!

Today has been long and I got caught in traffic so missed football too.

We are veggie Wellington for tea. It was good and I’ve already had too much.

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I got American Animals muddled up with Nocturnal Animals and American Honey and had a small disagreement about it last night.
I also had a dream that Tom Cruise was on our film quiz team and wanted to call us The Top Guns. He could not be budged. What a dick.

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ha, i know quite a few folk that go there and that’s the very reason i don’t want to join. hate seeing people i know at the gym.

use to go there with the school many many years ago, it’s very nice.

Dunno, do they have a green van that says “Rhino inside!” on it in yellow letters?