Thread for a more sustainable, free and equal world 🌏


a few people on here have suggested having a thread for sharing advice, information and support for doing effective social and political change

things like:

  • how we can promote and practice solidarity with migrants
  • climate justice
  • improving workers’ rights
  • places to volunteer
  • direct action
  • other practical things we can do

the idea is less of a political discussion and more of an action-oriented collective self-help thread

UK Politics - February 2019

A minor thing, but one of my New Year’s resolutions is to start selectively challenging people more (especially at work) when they express bigoted views. I tend to just ignore at the moment, which isn’t really okay. Luckily I no longer work in the same room as the Piers Morgan fanatic, but I still hear far more Daily Mail headlines than is okay.

It’s something I feel a bit uncomfortable with - unlike almost all the people I work with I don’t have a regional accent, and everyone seems to know where I went to uni despite never having told anyone - so it will be a bit of a balancing act to not just come across as condescending, but I’ll give it a go.


things I can help with:

  • getting involved in the Labour Party
  • finding good places to volunteer at
  • writing political statements/ communication
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cool thread

was thinking recently is there a website or service where you can say what skills you have and if there are any charities looking for that they can find you?

any time I’ve done volunteering I’ve felt like shit afterwards cause I’m anxious & bad at talking to new people and don’t learn how to do things quickly. would like to be able to volunteer time doing things I’m actually good at.

(my skills are building work related)

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things like this can be quite useful

or check out your local council for voluntary organisations, or the NCVO website.

lots of charities look for trustees on job sites like charity jobs (and many are really keen to get trustees with specific skills and experience)


what’s everyone doing to make stuff better and that?


did a few volunteer shifts at crisis at christmas & my local soup kitchen over the break. a fair few people commented on how much worse the situation has been over the past few years (funny that, wonder why…) which made me realise I need to pull my finger out and do a bit more than help out at the soup kitchen every few weeks.

be interested to know if anybody has any tips on london-based homelessness/insecure housing stuff I could do :pray:

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there’s a volunteering fair on the 19th for getting involved in year-round homelessness work

not sure if you have details? if not, I can PM you


ooh seen one for driving a big van on there.

bloody love driving a big van, gonna contact them.


Good thread idea. I’ve been feeling a bit fatigued of late as it feels as if we’re fighting a losing battle, so it’s heartening to hear about what others are doing.

There’s some stuff in the pipeline in Cambridge around homelessness/rough-sleeping that I might mention when it’s more fully-formed. Also I’m going to try to give the Foodbank work a fresh push this year.


I’d be interested in the details about this. I felt very guilty not doing anything over Christmas.


I’m not sure if it’s open to new volunteers. I got an email from crisis about it as a followup to volunteering with them over Christmas.
if not, will report back after it with more info.

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What happened with laptops for refugees? With moving to Bristol, I kind of fell off the radar a bit.

Finding daylight time what with two kids or bring knackered in the evenings can make things seem harder to do. Anyone have any advice for good things to do with that context?


it didnt really take off the ground cause my circumstances became too chaotic at the time

but I kept in touch with the organisation we would be donating to and working with so it could theoretically start up

(it was far too complicated for a relatively simple project to be honest. I now have actual project management skills and way more relevant experience so would be able to run it myself but the idea was to involve as many people off here as possible).


This is going to probably sound bonkers, but I reckon if anyone will know it’s you guys - is there anywhere that you can do any sort of volunteering remotely? I’m a freelancer but due to family commitments and the structure of my work it’s ridiculously hard to commit to being anywhere physically, but I could do things online. If there’s anything out there I’d love to hear about it.

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yeah there’s loads

the website I posted above has a search function for remote volunteering


Amazing, thank you - I’ll have a dig in there and see if I can sort something out!

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basically here is some stuff I do in case anyone wants ideas for volunteering

  • remote stuff for this (not much of a time commitment at all - I researched and wrote stuff for setting it up mostly)
  • volunteer as a mentor for a refugee
  • one-off stuff like crisis at christmas
  • Labour Party stuff (on the executive committee of my CLP, organise meetings, write motions, go out campaigning etc. this is a bit more time consuming)

I’ve been keeping my eye on this project. Has a good concept and they’re looking for people to help develop (and ultimately will need volunteers to give time once it’s launched)


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