Thread for advice on extremely minor 'DIY', what do I need and where to buy etc

Bear in mind I consider ironing to be ‘DIY’.

I need something to pin some curtains against a wall to stop light getting in. Am I correct in thinking that something like a kind of sticky back velcro that could be attached to both the wall and the curtain might be what I need here? Or something else?
And if so, where would I be able to get something like this, and would you recommend any particular brands, or techniques?

I will be back with more of these over the course of the week as I am keen to get my house in order before winter hits hard.

Yeah these will do the job for sure


You get those ties don’t you? That have rings on them and go around a sort of brass wall fitting or something

What I want to do is kind of tack the curtain to the outside of the frame to stop light getting in.

Can you not just get a curtain rail that means you can push the rail all the way back towards the wall?

I guess I should have read more than every other word.

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or fit an ikea blackout blind on the inside of the window

Got that already. I want to basically create a compete seal so that the curtain doesn’t flap at all.

I’m not explaining this v well. @GEOFF, you know what I mean, clearly!

You’re wanting to turn a pair of curtains into a blackout when they’re closed?

Do they sit outside the window reveal, or inside it?

If it’s the former, yes you can get velcro strips, which you can then sew onto the back of the curtain hem and then stick the other bit onto the wall. These should be covered when the curtain is open, if you’re worried about them being unsightly.

Obviously, you have to be happy with sticking velco pads to your walls. Some people might not want to do that.

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Got a full whack blackout blind as well as blackout curtains. Light still seeps through the edges.
(it’s not me who’s moaning about this but master UP can sometimes be a wee dick about naps with light streaming into the room).

Yeah I mean I don’t know what your window frames look like but those 3M jobbies will do the job.

The adhesive on them is pretty strong though so be wary if you’re putting them on the wall, the paint will come off with them probably.

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thank you.

Not bothered about the walls, they’ll be due a repaint next year or so anyway.

I’ve used them and my walls have been fine afterwards.

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Please refer to my masking tape thread when the time comes. It is a wonderfully educational repository.

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Ah good good! They took some of our paint off but that’s also probably because the area they were in was loaded full of damp.

I think that may have inspired it (only seen the title and not been in. I will go an have a look now.)

I’d get the curtains washed before sewing on the velcro - sometimes putting it through the wash can stop it working as well.

Get him a blindfold?

Can I stick on the Velcro? I don’t really sew (looks at wonky buttons on favourite denim shirt dress and nods grimly) and I don’t want to get my sewing person in for this (as she is an upholsterer by specialty and I bought standard blackout curtains off amazon rather than getting her to custom make them like I had said to her I would when I last saw her- AWKWARD). I suppose I could always ask my mum.