Thread for anecdotes about times when you've met someone with the same full name as you

I applied for a job once and another Jack Stewart got it and I spent the next two years receiving emails that were meant for him, and had to forward them on to him and it was quite humiliating.

I heard about another Jack Stewart in my town but I never met him. I was told that he was ‘a bit of a dick’.

What about you?

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Double-barrelled name crew are immune from this (probably)

No anecdotes


Are you double - barrelled? This surprises me.

I once served a customer in the bookshop, newsagents and stationers that I worked in and their card wouldn’t swipe so I had to take a carbon copy and when I took the carbon copy it turned out that the customer had the exact same name as me but he wasn’t excited to find that out and I’ve always found that surprising.


Double barrelled it myself when I was 8! what a prick

Stupid unmarried parents and two last names and school systems that won’t accept that and make one your middle and one your last name even though that was WRONG


Wow, what a precocious little prick!


There was a kid 5 years above me in school with the same name, never met him but saw his work on the wall in a few classrooms, does this count

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They kept the middle name anyway, so I was FirstName FirstHalfofLastName FirstHalfofLastName-SecondHalfofLastName for years

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I’ll allow it

god bless you

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I’m single barreled (like a moderately priced bourbon) but my name is unique on Google. Possibly because I changed it a bit when I was 16.

The thing where someone added a bunch of people with my name into a chat on Instagram and 2 of them live about 15 miles away and 2 more live about 60 miles away.

And that time someone sent me money on monzo by accident was good. Nothing in real life though

When I worked in Aviva’s call centre my team got invited to a corporate award ceremony in a swanky London hotel. I share a name with one of their senior directors and on check in was given his suite which came with several bottles of champagne, canapés etc while all the rest of my team were in normal rooms. We got office party wild and absolutely trashed it. Felt terrible the next day.


That’s my favourite anecdote of the thread (thus far)

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I forgot to add that I also ordered some porn on the TV but was too drunk to even raise a smile.


I don’t believe a single person in the world has the same name as me. Impossible to hide, pretty spooky really


I’ve had customers/clients in at least one job, who have the same name as me. Always good for a bit of confusion-related hilarity

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Very very common name pairing. I’m very good at spotting it if it appears in some obscure film credits and pretending I helped make the film.

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doubt anybody has ever had my name