Thread for Antpocalypsenow to ask me questions about "my projects"

sorry I don’t want to answer this in case it sounds like bragging

Do the other two involve putting things in your anus?



Great, that’s all the information I needed. Thank you for your time.

I was very keen to find out what these projects are but I’ve lost interest now given you’re being so wilfully obtuse.

very poor questioning IMO. Never become a broadcast journalist ant

I’m gonna become the best broadcast journalist that ever lived just to spite you and I bet, when I end up interviewing the first ever World President and I get them to spill classified information just by charming them, you’ll look back on this thread with sadness and shame.

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hmm no I reckon I’ll be really pleased for you and you’ll thank me for inspiring you and we’ll go out for a gelato

That actually sounds very pleasant

get to it big man

I’m 5’7"

oh forget it then

^5(’ 7")

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I wish I could share those sentiments but it’s actually a fairly constant source of self-pity for me and almost certainly a considerable factor in the childhood bullying I suffered which has led to my poor self-esteem as an adult.

Yeah, it’s bad how humans are wired to carry stuff with them from the time period where the people they spend most of their time with haven’t developed empathy properly yet innit.

How do you mean? Like the adult world reiterates childhood prejudices/insensitivity?

God you’re right. No way out now

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