Thread for appreciating 60s bands never talked about on here


Small Faces are great, aren’t they?

Fifty Foot Hose are pretty great too


Aw widdle 17yr old Alex Chilton




apologies for youtube blast but it’s too early to do anything else:

(the last one didn’t release much other stuff, not that she needed to. what a wonderfully sad song)


Got small faces first album the other day, it is indeed brilliant. Quite garagey but then his incredible voice firing over it all. And the songwriting! Pop mastery.


Also been listening to a Martha Reeves and the Vandellas best of, quite a sugary sweet 60s sound but a lot of fun.



the meters

more 70s i suppose but their debut’s my favourite and that’s 1969


The Four Tops are amazing


I adore Ellie. Weird she gets so little acclaim when she wrote so many of the greatest pop songs ever.


This is the only song I know but it’s a belter