Thread for asking about niche things in a specific location (rolling)


I need to hire a winner’s podium that can fit 3 adults on it for an event in May next year in London. Found a few websites that offer them, but there are no prices on the website (or they have a £££ minimum spend) so I’m kind of thinking that means it’ll be out of my budget. Budget is about £50.

Anyone got aaany ideas or contacts who might be able to help out? I’ll only need it for like half an hour. Alternatively if I could just hire some individual person-sized wooden platforms, I’d hire 3 of those and then glam up with my creative juices. help xxx


nip round the back of tescos and tan a few pallets. nail them together, few bits of mdf on the top & fling a bit of fabric over it. print out some 1st 2nd 3rd signs and away you go.


ask your dad if he has any wood :smirk:


Steady on, you only have to wait til tomorrow for the filth thread.


Could you contact a local athletic club and see if you could borrow a set for an afternoon?


and if they don’t let you borrow them challenge them to an athletics contest: winner takes all


Good idea! I’ll look into it.