Thread for asking big questions via the medium of [Polls]

How’s your mouse scroll set?

  • Up = scroll up
  • Up = scroll down
  • other? (not on mousebook)

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  • :beer:
  • :wine_glass:
  • :cocktail:
  • :no_entry_sign:

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Those posters for Kapten at tube stations etc

  • :+1:
  • :-1:

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current temperature

  • :volcano:
  • :sun_with_face:
  • :sun_behind_small_cloud:
  • :cloud:
  • :ice_cube:

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think yve confused temp and weath mate


wrns new psting styl

  • Yp
  • no

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caffeine level

  • off my tits
  • suitably caffeined up
  • lil’ buzz
  • il ne pas de caffeine

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althgh, is volcano a weath?

nt sre

current hydration level

  • :ocean:
  • :man_playing_water_polo:
  • :potable_water:
  • :desert:

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They feel like they’re written by a disser trying to be edgey

  • i know what these are
  • i don’t know what these are
  • not on londonbook mates

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every post in this thread must contain a poll

  • i agree, make it so
  • that’s not such a good idea

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intentions to snack this pm

  • much snacking
  • small snack
  • health food snack
  • no snack

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boredom level

  • actually really alert and having a nice time
  • mild flagging
  • c.b.a.
  • just give me something for the pain and let me die

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can’t remember the last time i went on the tube, obviously


The people who should be most ashamed of themselves are:

  • The presenters of Bargain Hunt
  • The contestants on Bargain Hunt
  • The experts on Bargain Hunt
  • The sellers on Bargain Hunt
  • The auctioneer on Bargain Hunt
  • The people who show up to the auction on Bargain Hunt
  • The audience of Bargain Hunt

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Oohh I didn’t see that one. Fuck

Watched an episode on iPlayer when wfh last week.

Great, great show.

your current smell

  • fresh as a daisy’s bum
  • mild sweat
  • bit funky
  • swamp thing

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