Thread for asking big questions via the medium of [Polls]

How’s your mouse scroll set?

  • Up = scroll up
  • Up = scroll down
  • other? (not on mousebook)

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  • :beer:
  • :wine_glass:
  • :cocktail:
  • :no_entry_sign:

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Those posters for Kapten at tube stations etc

  • :+1:
  • :-1:

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current temperature

  • :volcano:
  • :sun_with_face:
  • :sun_behind_small_cloud:
  • :cloud:
  • :ice_cube:

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think yve confused temp and weath mate


wrns new psting styl

  • Yp
  • no

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caffeine level

  • off my tits
  • suitably caffeined up
  • lil’ buzz
  • il ne pas de caffeine

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althgh, is volcano a weath?

nt sre

current hydration level

  • :ocean:
  • :man_playing_water_polo:
  • :potable_water:
  • :desert:

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They feel like they’re written by a disser trying to be edgey

  • i know what these are
  • i don’t know what these are
  • not on londonbook mates

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Can’t remember but remember being annoyed on my MacBook I’d like the mouse and trackpad to be opposite but it doesn’t allow this. Colleague of mine rotates his mouse 180 degrees as he says that’s how the first mouse he had worked

every post in this thread must contain a poll

  • i agree, make it so
  • that’s not such a good idea

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intentions to snack this pm

  • much snacking
  • small snack
  • health food snack
  • no snack

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boredom level

  • actually really alert and having a nice time
  • mild flagging
  • c.b.a.
  • just give me something for the pain and let me die

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can’t remember the last time i went on the tube, obviously


The people who should be most ashamed of themselves are:

  • The presenters of Bargain Hunt
  • The contestants on Bargain Hunt
  • The experts on Bargain Hunt
  • The sellers on Bargain Hunt
  • The auctioneer on Bargain Hunt
  • The people who show up to the auction on Bargain Hunt
  • The audience of Bargain Hunt

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Oohh I didn’t see that one. Fuck

Watched an episode on iPlayer when wfh last week.

Great, great show.