Thread for asking DiSsers about what places are like

No smartarse comments, please.

Tell me some of the positives, some of the negatives, what it’s like to live in and any memories or funny stories about…


Feel free to add any places you’re curious about.

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A lot nicer to visit than you’d think, except for Broad Street. Nice canal area, great aquarium.

Pretty confusing to drive through, though. There’s basically a motorway that runs through the city centre and the first time I went there it was in the middle of major roadworks and my sat nav was totally useless. Then I almost got hit by a car that was being chased by the police.

Other than that, though,



Please remember you can have a look at the ‘what countries have you been to’ thread to direct your questions to knowledgeable and friendly disers

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I was supposed to be going on holiday to the Wye Valley this year. Maybe people would like to tell me about it instead? Any anecdotes or other responses welcome.

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A personal favourite Birmingham moment is when I was there for patent twat exams at Edgbaston, of all places, and the only place nearby to get something to eat was the Aldi across the road. Seeing all my soft southern colleagues who hadn’t been outside the M25 since they were born wandering around looking for pre-packaged sandwiches was a delight.


Can I put ‘#geographyweek’ in the title?

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This. Was expecting just a big version of some industrial/postindustrial town.

Nice to walk around due to the canals, good museums/galleries and can go to the Balti triangle for good curry.

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The Black Country Living musuem is worth a visit too.

I’ve been to a few big penoid events in the big conference centre in the middle of town and it’s great. Canal bit just out the back, loads of toilets, and nice tall ceilings so the day two penoid tournament stench can rise up out of nostril level.

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I’d like that

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Oh, it seems that I’m too late :frowning:


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Very very pretty. Cycled up it from Chepstow to Hereford, through Monmouth. Tintern is lovely, and the steep hills either side of the valley give great views across it. Big meandering bugger too. Can hire canoes and kayaks and paddle down. Serene.


Commentator: We are now entering the 3rd week of Geography Week and it really doesn’t get any less thrilling


lot of people who have never been to birmingham tend to get real snobby (classist?) about it, don’t get it, it’s fine



Birmingham is my cursed city. Only bad things happen there.

Great penoid scene. Never been, myself.

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Sure it’s a lovely place when you know it, know the right areas etc. But having only been to the city centre and only on workdays I’ve always found it pretty shite compared to other cities of the same size


We had a cottage booked right at the top looking down close to Tintern. Had a lovely garden with the conservatory and a picnic table looking down on the valley.

Meandering. I love things that meander.

Thank you for this wonderfully evocative response :+1: