Thread for asking DiSsers about what places are like

It’s one of my favourite places tbf. You’ll get to go when things settle down.

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Browsing the games shop funko pop selection is as close as I’ve got

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if anyone is interested in learning about my beautiful homeland of Somaliland ask away, it is quite misunderstood


You should pay a trip to the Seven Sisters country park then, which has a bit literally called The Meanders:

You still got the pdf of the book you did?

Hmm, looks a bit flat though. I think the meandering needs to be combined with elevation to work for me.

I imagine it has good beaches and coastline, does it?

(i am very ignorant about what Somaliland actually is but I think i will leave the geopolitical questions for fear of embarrassing myself)

That little bit is very flat, which is why it meanders - there’s no valley for the river to follow at that point

No worries, it has a great coastline but because it doesnt have a navy or protection as it isnt a recognised state, other countries illegally fish in the waters and also dump waste which is sad

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Also if anyone wants to ask about richmond park is like ask away, spent more time there than any other park and it is the biggest in London and imo best

What’s the traffic like?

Dublin has a similar sized park (Phoenix) which has a road going through it that commuters use as a thoroughfare. During lockdown it got closed off to all but emergency travel and the park became a haven for walkers and cyclists and families to just get outside for a bit.

Of course asap they reopened the road and ruined it again and this happened:


absolutely beautiful. one of my fave places. make sure you go next year
Chepstow and Monmouth very nice little towns. Tintern Abbey is very dramatic and you can get banging ice cream next door. Lots of beautiful riverside pubs throughout the area. There’s a great campsite by the river near Hay, maybe about 45 mins walk, and Hay is quite nice too if a bit touristy.
The Wye Valley is good.

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Do most people from Somaliland want full independence? Is the same also true of Puntland?

(I’ve already asked you about the food or that would be my question obv)

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Perhaps my least-visited county.

Kentish folk, Kent me up

I’d like to know about Rutland Water
What’s it like?

Am I imagining it, or did I go to a zoo there once? I only lived in Dublin for 3 months and found the whole place baffling.

yeah the zoo is in the park - (actually think ALL that traffic is actually queuing to get to the zoo when it reopened, because who the hell can’t manage to survive for 3 months without going to the zoo??)

I learned a few days ago that it is the second largest lake in England (by surface area). Wow! My daddy used to take me there to ride bicycles. It’s alright, yeah

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Lived in full Farage country for a few months. Nice weather, hell on earth.

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Went to a pub in dartford and it had a heavy bag (boxing) in the main room as it helped calm down the punters.