Thread for asking for sympathy for minor injuries

This is a thread where you post about minor injuries you’ve sustained lately, so that members of the community can give you sympathy and make it all feel a little better.

I hurt my neck somehow in the shower this morning and it hurts (slightly) to turn to the right now.

  • Aaah, poor ma0sm, there there
  • Haha, twat

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I’m the same, but from sleeping in one position and also that it hurts to turn left. So not the same at all but I’m sympathetic


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I’d just like to bring your attention to this:

None of you fuckers gave my any sympathy yesterday

Sorry to hear that ccb, how’s your head now? Did it leave a bruise or anything?

It’s still pretty sore, tbh. Actually thought I’d concussed myself yesterday!

Oh damn, that’s pretty severe, glad you weren’t concussed but still, that’s gotta hurt

all my joints hurt

Oh wow, that’s intense, hope it heels quickly!

Absolutely perfect

Ah Shrewbie, that’s awful to hear, must be so annoying


Ooft, blisters are the worst.


I trapped my thumb whilst collapsing the backup clothes dryer yesterday

It hurts when I exist

  • Aww
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahatwat

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:grimacing: :grimacing: :hugs:

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I have a sore calf

  • Ooh poor you, better rest it.
  • Not even bothered
  • Baby cow?

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smashed my head against something yesterday and caught exactly the same place I’d hit it on a door frame the day before

  • oh no poor you!
  • Cranial injuries serve you right for being excessively tall

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Just tried to push a wheelbarrow full of rubble up a ramp into a skip, misjudged it, hit the skip with the barrow and jammed the wheelbarrow handle into my groin.

  • You twat (sympathy)
  • You twat (no sympathy)

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Fell off my skateboard weeks ago and now my wrist hurts when I put pressure on it.

  • Tony Awwww
  • Twatty Hawk

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