Thread for asking if people have heard of things


I just asked people in my office if they’ve heard the expression “I’d crawl over broken glass to stick matches in his/her shite” and got a lot of blank looks. To be honest I get many blank looks around here.

The first person I heard say it was a woman from Durham, maybe it’s a North East thing.

  • I’ve heard it before, saps, you beauty.
  • I think you’ve made it up, you loon.

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And while we’re at it…I say “do me a lemon” a fair bit.

  • Me too, saps. You’re not alone there.
  • Fuck off mate.

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‘Crawl over broken glass’ is pretty common and easy to understand.

Sticking matches in someone’s shite is just completely baffling though.



That shows how much romance you have in your heart.


I thought crawling over broken glass is cause you like someone so much?




well i’ve heard a variant of it



My hero.

I’d take you over that shower of fools any day.




Had this crossword clue the other day (non-cryptic btw):
Half seas over (5)

The answer is DRUNK

Never heard of this phrase in my life

Half seas over:

  • Wat?
  • It is a common phrase… down our way

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:kissing_heart: F :heart_eyes: U :sunglasses: C :confounded: K :triumph:O :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: F :sleepy: F :scream: M :sleeping: A :innocent: T :tired_face: E :sob:


really enjoyed unhiding these thank you


it’s fun isn’t it. perhaps someone could make a gif of it


bit miffed at you hoovering up my likes tho


:smiley: this^


My bf came back with a cracker the other day. Him and his friends were talking about doing a hill. When one of them said they were a bit exhausted after all the drinking they’d been doing the other friend said…

“Yeah, you wouldn’t want to burst your arse!”

  • Sorry mate? Did you just say “burst your arse”?!?
  • Oh aye, I’m always bursting my arse… at the gym, at the weekend, whenever I can really.

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clicked one wrong! however i do think i’ve heard this.

wait maybe not, im getting confused with ‘burst your ass’ as in put in loads of effort


oh… “bust your ass”?