Thread for Beatles Megafans

Please no n00bs here.

If your favourite album is “The best of” then… The door is that way thank you.

For those who’ve never even been to Liverpool, why don’t you check out another thread like this one instead?

This thread is exclusively for Beatles mega nerds only.


Did you know???

Ringo Starr wasn’t actually the original drummer of the band. That was a man called…

Pete Best.


Preferred the quarrymen

Big Bad Beatleborgs

Well actually The Quarrymen was the original name of the Beatles, so you actually like the same band! :laughing:

Omg!!! Really??

In no way related to The Beatles

Uh, yeah, and if you were a Beatles Megafan, you’d already know that.


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DID YOU KNOW Let it Be was recorded BEFORE Abbey Road

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Might never have been an album at all if it weren’t for…

Phil Spector.

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I’m coming down with a case of the dreaded beatlemania

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In my opinion…

There is no cure.


Maybe get a PaulCRingo test of do a quick LennonFlowTest


If The Beatles hadn’t existed there’s simply no way we’d have had bands like Oasis, Coldplay or David Bowie, and that would be a crying shame. Thanks for your inspiration, The Fab Four!

  • I can name all four Beatles (please prove it by positing them in a spoiler below)
  • This isn’t the thread for me!

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Paul, John, Ringo and George Harrison

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My favourite Beatle? The fifth one!

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Ring’s real name is actually ‘Richard Starkey’


Little known fact: they were on drugs when they wrote some of their songs

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The Beatles split up in 1970, some nine years before Rappers Delight, widely considered the first popular hip hop record, was released. As such, it would be incorrect to label them as ‘hip-hop pioneers’