Thread for Beatles Megafans

Which drug


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John Lennon, Paul, Ringo, George Harrison

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I can confirm that this is correct, nice work!

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Has this actually been proven though? I mean as far as I know, there are no medical records proving this is the case. It still could be possible that they were just making cigarettes look like they were filled with wacky backy even when they weren’t…

Just sayin’

Bonus points if…

You can name him

Random! :laughing:

True though.

George Best

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Little known fact Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is actually about the time Ringo smoked so much chronic that he held one of his drumsticks the wrong way around. Seems unlikely that they’d be making that up


uh, I think you mean Pete Best (see here) :roll_eyes:

George Best was a famous footballer :laughing:

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Now that is a theory I have not heard before.

Surely Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), no?

Where did you hear this?

True story:

I got really into the Beatles after seeing a tribute band playing at DisneyWorld when I went with my dad when I was 14. When I got home I bought all the albums over about a year, and this was the first time I’d explored the back catalogue of a band as previously only listened to what was in the charts.

This was also the time that I got a computer in my own room, and I spent a lot of time on chat rooms. When I was registering for Yahoo Chat, I thought it would be cool to use a Beatles reference for a user name, so I tried to be Mean_Mr_Mustard. That was already taken, and it suggested I use Mean_Mr_Mustard_25 or something, but I thought what does 25 have to do with anything? I looked to see when Abbey Road was released, and this led to me obliviously registering myself as Mean_Mr_Mustard_69. Well, that innocence was quickly shattered by the incoming messages.


Think I read it in one of my old beatles books. Your theory is also quite interesting though. Guess we’ll never know for certain what it’s about

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Interesting! If you do manage to find the book, I’d love to learn more, that would really change my whole interpretation of the song

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Paul McCartney’s real name is John

:laughing: Should have just added a Number 9

Uh, no.

Sir Paul McCartney was born James Paul McCartney on 18th June 1942.

Oh i fucked it