Thread for being thankful for your family

In that, whatever I may want to vent about my mother in law, the only thing I should really mention is that without her the last 5 days would have been much much worse, and I should remain thankful for that. I shall save the rest for my therapist. Adieu.


My folks don’t have a lot to give but they’re infinitely understanding and supportive of whatever dumb decisions I make.

Very disappointing

My family are the best - especially my folks. They’ve been married for 58 years and have had barely a cross word in all that time.

My parents really do want me to achieve and are quite proud of me. I’m very thankful they taught me to cook before uni.

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My family mean well


Come on.
Just give us one nugget.


My family are all great really. Aside from my brother-in-law.

My nieces are good.

my family are the best. My mum is super sweet and nice and has done loads for me. My mother in law is probably the nicest person I have ever met. My own kids and wife are ok I guess lol jstjokintheyaregratetoo hashtagwellinuphere hashtagfamalee
I am a prick though, but whatever! lol bykergrovelaugh
ALSO spill on your mother in law IMMEDIATELY so we can JUDGE STRANGERS

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Does anyone elses mum ask them to move home at every opportunity?

I told my mum my housemate asked me to move out which means moving in with my boyfriend a month too early and she’s immediately like JUST MOVE HOME.

Me: Theres roadworks outside at the moment
Mum: You could move in here until the road works are done?

Me: Feeling a bit tired at the moment
Mum: Why don’t you move home?


I know. I was looking forward to it myself.

I know what it’s like chief. Mother in laws can be hard work (especially with kids in the mix) but you do have to pinch yourself rather than kick off about things.

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My mum harps on a similar line too if I ever complain about being unhappy.
It’s quite hard to describe how ultimately the depressing parts of life come from knowing I’ll never be good enough to actually do anything I want to do, too emotionally crippled to build any sort of quality of life, and that returning to South Wales would only ever make things worse. I’m just meat stepping in the grave, like literally everyone before me, it’s a bit strange to expect someone to just arbitrarily find happiness from it.

Can we not just make this a general mother in law thread?!

My sister is great. My brother has the potential to be great if he spent less time admiring himself.

They’re all a GB of L but we’re very, very different.


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My immediate family are great. My mum and dad did a brilliant job bringing me and my sister up, even though they had it pretty tough with us growing up. But I’d like to think both me and my sister are both very down to earth and caring people, who had a chance to better ourselves in life.

I’m very close to my sister nowadays, as well as my brother in law, and niece and nephews. I’m taking the eldest to another gig on Thursday, his third ever. I didn’t really get that opportunity at his age, I’m probably going to hate the band, but it should be nice spending time with him.

My dads side of the family are self centered working class Tories, who are horrible people and we have nothing to do with.

My mums side are lovely, although they are from Middlesbrough so we hardly see them. But my northern Nan, was much more of a Nan to me that my London Nan.

Hey @he_2, you’re pretty awesome, even though you don’t feel it most of the time.

Drinks sometime next month?

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