Thread for being thankful for your family

I told my dad I was moving home, partly because of high house prices*, and instead of displaying the expected positive emotion he said ‘oh. How much do you need to buy a bigger house?’. Ffs dad.

* but mostly because I wanted to be near home


Uh Dads.

Whenever my mum asks me to move home, my dad is always in the background shouting "tell her she’s got 3 boxes of shit in the loft she needs to come clear out"
like I won’t bring a shit load more stuff with me if I move back home?


Are you two family?!
I always just through you were just friends!!

brothers, innit. We didn’t feel the need to go on and on about it like the @meths/@eems axis though :wink:


AHH amazing! This is v nice.

or me and @shrewbie


she used to, I think she quite enjoys the space now.

I’d say we’ve moved into a place now where we’re all thankful that we still have a family unit, however fractured and dysfunctional it might otherwise seem. Everything I am, both good and bad, comes from them in some way or other.

At a family gathering shortly after the birth of her first grandchild (not mine) she stood up and made a toast to the new addition to the family, Joshua.

The kids name is Rudy, and had been since his birthday about 4 weeks previous. There are no Joshuas or any other similar names in the family.

Everyone obviously pissed themselves laughing but she just pretended it hadn’t happened cos she’s never wrong.


That’s literally all I’m giving

That is actually good and funny though

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I know that’s why I went with that tit bit otherwise the thread is inherently hypocritical

“tit bit”


Is it tidbit? It is isnt. I wasn’t sure.

I’ve never been sure tbh but “tit bit” is just funny regardless isn’t it

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This year at Christmas, my nan gave us a card.

Inside it read - “Merry Christmas to Meo and Partner”

I’ve been with him for about 3 years.



My wifes Aunt is extremely religious. When we were dating and living in sin every Xmas card would be to Mrs casinobay and partner.
Ever since we have been married it is Mrs casinobay and casinobay.


Cheers fam.

We’re very lucky to still have my mum with us and I’m thankful for that. She’s not the person she used to be but she’s still there, you can see it in flashes every now and again, and it’s equally heartwarming and heartbreaking to see.

On the plus side she’s developed a truly filthy laugh since her health issues. Few things make me happier than hearing that.

Shoutout to my Mam for being the most inspirational person in my life, with my Dad close behind her. If I didn’t have them I’d be lost.